Time and Calendars

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The way time is handled in Lost Fables is quite a bit different from either base minecraft or our own real-world calendar. The day/night cycle in game is altered from the default 20 minutes, to a full 4 hours. This is to allow for roleplay based on a specific time of day and to reduce confusion when multiple groups of RPers meet. In addition to this, the in-roleplay calendar is adapted to parallel the real-life passage of time, and to create an immersive system which reflects the unusual astronomy of the Lost Fables world.

It is important to note, Lost Fables reflects the general time period of real-world 1492.

Conversion Tables

In-game to Real Time

RP/In-Game Time
Real Time Treated As
6 Hours 1 Hour [Insignificant]
1 Day 4 Hours A Day
1 Phase 1 Day A Week or Fortnight
1 Age 2 Weeks A Year
1 Era ~2 Months A Collection of 4 Ages
1 Epoch 1 Year An Important Milestone, a Generation

In-game Unit Conversion Rates

Unit Relative to Previous
1 Day 24 Hours
1 Phase 6 Days
1 Age 14 Phases
1 Era 4 Ages
1 Epoch 6 Eras

A phase lies somewhere between a week and a fortnight in terms of how it is viewed in-character. Each phase lasts for 6 days, but there are only 14 phases in an Age. Each phase has a proper name, and corresponds to the visibility of important constellations. The phases in which the celestial bodies increase in visibility carry the prefix "Noble" while those in which the celestial bodies gradually decrease in visibility bear the prefix "Craven". The suffixes are repeated on either side, and represent the proximity to maximum and minimum visibility, similar to the concepts of the full moon and the new moon. The Gryseis are at either end of the age, representing the darkest points of the celestial cycle, while the Xulzseis occupy the middle of the cycle as a sort of solstice where the heavens are at their brightest and most centered in the night sky.

Phases in an Age

MoonPhase4.png Noble Grysei MoonPhase0.png Craven Xulzsei
MoonPhase5.png Noble Covrusei MoonPhase1.png Craven Ceitsei
MoonPhase5.png Noble Dirgosei MoonPhase1.png Craven Lacsei
MoonPhase6.png Noble Naesei MoonPhase2.png Craven Naesei
MoonPhase7.png Noble Lacsei MoonPhase3.png Craven Dirgosei
MoonPhase7.png Noble Ceitsei MoonPhase3.png Craven Covrusei
MoonPhase0.png Noble Xulzsei MoonPhase4.png Craven Grysei

Though an Age only lasts 84 days, making it seem like a more direct equivalent to a quarter or season at first glance, the fast rate of aging for many of the most prevalent species in the world (including humans) leads to an Age being treated much more like a year. Each age roughly lines up with the length of a season. A complete cycle of the four seasons is referred to as an Era. Longer-lived races, such as elves, treat this passage of time much like we would a year in the real world. To shorter-lived races, the time is much more significant, as from their point of view, Spring only comes once every 4 years.

An Epoch is an important milestone of time for all. They usually represent a great change, the turning of luck, and the Gods' New Year. Equivalent to 24 ages, an epoch is the passing of a generation for shorter-lived races. For elves and their like, an epoch represents a milestone age where they are likely to be entering a new phase of their life. Many cultures celebrate the passing of an epoch with festivals. Some choose it as the time for renewal- new laws put into place, new rulers crowned, strong omens, and the spurring of wars and coups are all hallmarks of this time.