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Artwork by The Conversation
Rarity: Common
Type Of Plant: Cash Crop
Primary Uses: Smoking, Chewing
Region: Hot, Wet Regions


Pipeweed grows in small, low to the ground, cabbage-like lumps with spread out leaves. It has large leaves, typically about as big as a human's hand or a bit longer. One plant will produce about a pound of pipeweed.


When it is growing, pipeweed is a friendly, bright shade of green, though when it is dried for smoking or chewing, it turns brown.


Pipeweed does not noticeably flower, and is typically harvested for its leaves before it reaches such a point

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

Pipeweed, when it is almost ready to harvest opens up in the morning, and doesn't close afterwards, simply growing a bit larger until it is fully ready, when its leaves are about seven inches in length.


Pipeweed is almost exclusively used to smoke or chew, the users of which report that it is good for reducing stress. Unfortunately, it is also known to cause lung and mouth disease in its users after lengthy periods of time, and if one smokes it, their lung capacity is reduced increasingly the longer they smoke. Pipeweed is extremely addictive, requiring a d100 roll every time it is used. Get below an 80, and you become addicted, and those who go without for more than six hours or so get irritable and antsy. It takes an age to kick these effects, but the desire to smoke or chew more will remain with the user for life.


Pipeweed is typically planted in large fields, and harvested for the money it is worth.

Pipeweed needs only about ten inches between one plant and the next, meaning you can plant it fairly densely.

Growth Rate
Pipeweed grows very rapidly, being harvestable four times an age, typically. Each harvesting yields about ten ounces of pipeweed per plant, while a pipeweed cigar uses about two grams of the dried herb.