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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Wondrous
Color: Yellow
Primary Use: Rebuilding Structures, Weaponry, Armor


Believed to have been created by the yellow-flames of Lacerta, Palladium is a silvery-orange steel found within the deserts scattered across Gaia. Seeming to glow when in contact with sunlight, closer examination would show that the sun’s rays actually repair the metal, being the source of the faint glow. The relationship formed between the metal and the sun’s immense heat created a lasting effect, with the metal now being extremely heat resistant and rather dense.


With significant heat resistance, Palladium is one of the most difficult metals to forge. Taking hours to heat up to a working temperature, the material only holds the heat for a minute before needing to go through the entire process again. The melting temperature for the metal is currently unknown, as no smith has managed to create enough heat to do so.

General Use

Sun Repair

When in contact with the sun’s rays, Palladium metal would emit a faint glow, one which is capable of repairing damage to items crafted from the material. This process is not instantaneous, however, as it would take a full day to repair a crack in a blade or a dent within a piece of armor. Larger amounts of damage could take upwards of a week.

Weaponry and Armor

With its high density, Palladium has been sought after for armor and blunt weapon forging, as putting an edge on the material is a painstaking process that takes days of reheating. Both armor and weapons forged from this metal are rather strong, being similar to that of Steel. With its repairing capabilities, any damages done to Palladium crafts are not something to fret over.


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