Ice Alemnetry

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Ice Alemnetry


All across the Tundra at the waist of the world, the temperatures drop so far below freezing that the air literally crackles as people move through it, so unaccustomed to moving it is. In these temperatures, and around powerful leylines, occasionally the ice itself will be granted life, pulling itself up from the land and snow around it and taking the form of a huge, four-meters tall bipedal ice creature. Wherever it goes, cold rolls off of its crystalline form in waves of rime and condensation, and its touch freezes water and flesh with equal ease. Mostly they wander the frozen wastes, apparently aimlessly, but it is not uncommon for one to wander mindlessly northward or southward into the more warm areas of the world. Though not expressly malicious, their very presence is destructive to crops, livestock, infrastructure, and people, and so when one is discovered it is typically hunted down and smashed apart. The entirety of their body makes up their Heart, meaning that after about thirty percent of its total mass has been smashed apart, it will simply de-animate, reverting into a pile of ice chunks quickly.

Near the Tundras.

Mindless wanderers. Will defend itself.

Danger Level
Variable. If you don’t need whatever is in its path, it can be left alone, and it will just wander off. Highly dangerous otherwise.

Very physically strong, resistant to most weaponry, its touch causes frostbite and freezes liquid.

Fire and bludgeoning weapons have the greatest effect on these things.