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Artwork by JanisJoy
Height: 5’6" - 7’1"
Weight: 80lbs - 300lbs

Primary Author(s): Lugh

Elves have a fourth age range called 'Juvenility', during Juvenility an Elf will have already reached the height and physicality of an adult Elf. However, they are not yet completely mentally developed; typically they are just as developed as a human adult. Additionally, they typically will not have the 'special' appearances of a true adult of their race; The Antlers of a Spring Elf, for example. From birth until their full adulthood, while an Elf will have pointed ears, the length of their ears will grow in length. Starting at the same size as any human, growing up to generally five to seven inches in length.


In the endless silence of the great nothing, came a sound. A sound in which all things were made in the form of a sapling’s triad. Great and terrible spread the boughs of the world tree, Etes H'evelm, nourished from the making and unmaking of all. The infinite nature of the chasm of Va’naqra spilled chaos into the great veins of what was to be. So forth the tree stretched aimless arms, a triplet in existence. For the first birth heralded the beginning of the world forger, connector and ender. From the chasmic nothing, Va’naqra birthed a triad. The serpent Oloris, ravenous of hunger. The arachnid Nerisys, of ceaseless toil, and the Drake Naezeiros from whom the designs of Etes H'evelm sprang forth, the ancient boughs built by Celestials. The serpent Oloris, coiled about the base of the maker’s toil. Seeking endlessly to choke life from the tree of worlds. Seperate from her brother of opposition, the Queen Arachnid spread silk about the boughs. For she sought the endless connections of all worlds. In this there would be a true end, in which all color would spill together in a cacophony of existence that would spell doom, in the end of days.
Lastly, the great Dragon Naezeiros, from whom the loneliness of the worlds emptied, and the unsounded was spoken. The maker of all worlds. Upon whose magnanimous edict, the unsounded murmur of the chasm filled the worlds of his toil. From it, descended his proclamations, binding the world to the rules he had plucked from wisdom of the endless. With his utterance, swirling eddies of energy sprung like dew into the threads of the Laka. The unfounded chaos of timelessness, pouring into the mold of his vision to shape each world. In the endless lattice of the lines of Laka, came the many gods of each aspect of the world. Each tasked to safeguard a fragment of reality.
The new world had begun, governed by subjectless gods of aspects not yet made from ephemeral to tangible, filled with a silence that was not to last. Queen Nerisys the restless spun her webs between realms, filling between the great boughs of Etes H'evelm with glistening threads. Magic dripped like venom from her creation, slipping into each empty world, filling them with her dark promise of the end of the eternal. Seeing his worlds fall victim to this poison, the Maker snapped out his all-embracing wings, and set the Laka alight with shivering power of his own, magic filling each world to the brim, pouring into the empty worlds in the form of flora and crystals. Each creation, composed of a single note of the lyric. Each wave of his effort set the leaves of Etes H’evelm to dance. The sound became a melody.

The first song had begun, filling all worlds with melodies of separate tones, as each bough of Etes H’evelm shuddered uniquely under the praise of the maker. A murmur to end all silence, formed by voices unsounded along the ambivalent Laka. With none but the triad to hear it, the creator was Displeased. In his displeasure, he sought forth to end the loneliness in the worlds, and brought forth children of his own. Each tasked with the balance of the new songs, and the lives that would soon hear them. But the maker was not yet finished with his task.

The Maker called forth his children, and the gods. Upon each he tasked the molding of a creature in their aspect of the Laka. A scant few notes emerged from Sheyr, the world song, bowing low unto their maker. So forth, came the maker of Il’ha to be. From the deepest chasm of the rocky ocean floor, they plucked the most vibrant of sea glass to catch their eye. Breathing deep of the ancient magic bestowed to them by the maker, the god filled the glass to the brim with the joy of laughter. They held the glistening find up to the eye of the maker, to the breaking dawn of the very first day. So pleased was the great Drake, he granted the creation life. As the first rays of his gaze sprung into the glass, planting a seed of life deep within. So beautiful was this life, the young god took it upon themself to split the glass into shards. Tiny to their hand, each pulsed with life that was yet to be. Though each unguarded. So forth they pulled the sand from the very coast they had found the essence, crafting an array of Ae Il’ha. Each glittered in eye and hair with their origin, a flame of dawn preserved within their core.
Spurred by this creation, the God razed golden light of the new dawn throughout the infant world, until they came upon another’s creation. That of a red doe. Taking the creature in hand, they breathed the wildest of magics to be found in Sheyr. The doe gave a shudder, and yet the life within was unchanged, only overflowing with the wild flame of existence into the forest around them. Lifting the doe into the warm rays of the first afternoon, the light of the eye of the maker opened once more. The great Drake’s eye opened further with this, filling the deer with the spark of life only he and his ilk could grant. That of the first afternoon. The god shaped the deer to better fit the new mind within, that of Ue Il’ha. Upon the regal crown of the eldest of them, would sit a sprawling halo of antlers, framing their beginnings in the time of their end. The magic that had spilt from them into the land, forever connected them to it. For the betterment or detriment to them all.
There was more to come, for the young God had magic to spare. From the volatile and hardy volcanic region, they plucked up betwixt their fingers the brightest stone that burned amidst the molten rivers. Breathing into the stone the gift of the Autumns. The most resilient of magics. The molten creation pulsed with a new flame that did not burn, one birthed of Sheyr. Holding up their third child to the fading light of the Maker’s eye, the young god asked for the blessing of the Drake. So it would be, the last rays of the first dusk filled the stone to capacity. The molten veins of the stone merged with that of it’s kin, shaped by the God of Il’ha to form the Oe Il’ha. Forevermore the Oe Il’ha would carry the colorations of what birthed them, and the connections of their kin. The raw ambers and golden zeals of the hottest flames echoed upon their hair and eyes, skin dusky as the rocks they had been carved from.
In the fading light of day, the God looked about the land to all of their new children. Each, honouring an aspect of the great Aagith. Looking about the world in its infancy, the God saw great expanses of ice and snow that went untouched. Unappreciated by all that dwelled within the lands of the realm. The god searched long and hard, before plucking from the depths, a glistening shard of ice from the chasms of the snowy plains. Blue, shone the shard in the light of the moon, refracting light of silvery beauty upon the surroundings. So enthralled with this gem, the God breathed the essence of their most visceral spirit. The spirit of the ice itself, of magic untamed filled the crystal of ice until it glowed iridescent with potential. Holding his creation upwards, there was no Sun to grant it life. But alas, the light of the stars shone down amongst the two moons, eyes of the beyond. A child of the Maker had heard the God’s plea, and amongst that of the stars, granted Ie Il’ha life. Forever marked they would be, with smatterings of stars across pallid skin coloured by the ice in which they had been carved. Breath alight with the frost, a constellation of their familial lines, forever embedded within their forms.


The following are the most prevalent subraces present in Anoma:

  • Spring Elves: Known as the Ue Il'ha in their native tongue, these elves are the amiable children of the Spring Court. They possess an unparalleled connection with the natural world.
  • Summer Elves: The Summer Elves, or Ae Il'ha, are a line of amphibious elves with a connection to the fey Summer Court
  • Autumn Elves: These stern-looking elves are known as Oe Il'ha in their tongue. Descended from the Autumn Court, they have an amazing tolerance to heat, and a unique adaptation to working metal.
  • Winter Elves: The elves of the Winter Court, the Ie Il'ha, are hard and unforgiving. They call frigid tundras home, and fight every day to survive there.


Anoman Elven Nations

Risen from the ashes of the previous Steel Elven settlement of Rohe Maitai, forms a new settlement with the ways and traditions unlike those of the Steel Empire. The Chiefdom of Sarahevuu focuses on the culture of a subset of Oe Il’ha that pertains to their primal origins that are isolated from the infamous Empire. Majority of those that are of Autumn Elven blood are welcome through the walls- but guests of any kind and/or variation may be tolerated as well if they choose to seek the ways of the Autumn Spirits and Ra’uki. The settlement can be found at the crossroads of Northern Anoma and is known for the fine art of forging that is incorporated into the everyday life of the Steel Elves.

The Priestesses of Covrudurth had finally discovered where their mystifying Ice Lord may lay . . . and thus, a fleet of the Ie Ill’ha’s finest set course for the Anoman lands, determined to find their fabled Ice Lord. Warriors, Hunters, Priestesses, and Physicians all began to colonize Anoma, eventually making it to the Frozen Lands - or, rather, called the ‘Kongak'Agitto’ by these new inhabitants. A perfect fit for these frozen wastelands, the Ie Il’ha naturally thrived, quickly turning their small encampment to a provincial, then a town, then a city. None but the Winter Elves could inhabit such a place of sorrow and darkness: and with no natural competition, their population began to flourish. With their Ice Forging skills and quick thinking, they grew into what is now known as The Tribedom of Aq'sarniit.

Old World Elven Nations

The Reri Maitai

One of the oldest empires to grace the face of Gaia, the Reri Maitai, or "steel elves" are an empire of autumn elves who have long used their ability to craft molten materials to their advantage. Though the Gravicans pride themselves on creating defensible fortifications for their legions in just hours, the Steel Elves are known to haul along special containers of molten liquid and stone, and use teams of elves to warp the molten fluid into impressive stone and iron battlefield fortifications over the course of just ten hours. Certainly not as quick as the Gravican method, but at the end of the day they have a much more impressive fortification. In addition to this, some of the most finely crafted and sharpest weapons in the known world come from the crafters of the Steel Elves. They conquered a vast amount of land, but only to the end of the casus belli they could find or fabricate for them. Since then, the empire of the Steel Elves has ground on by launching raiding parties into Rehk and human lands, taking them as slaves to feed their economy. The discovery of Anoma has brought a furor in the Steel Elves' high society, and rumors of exotic slaves fly high through the courts. Perhaps another age of conquering has come upon the Steel elves, across the ocean... It's hard to know. Regardless, the Steel elves are highly interested in the goings-on in Anoma, having sent many people aboard the Armusian ships, and some of their own vessels besides. They would certainly be interested to know about any new, exotic or dangerous species discovered there, and even more interested to own some.

The Drugai Gaian

The Gaian druids, or Drugai Gaian as they call themselves, are a group of spring elves that nomadically travels between the various nations of their fellow spring elves. They style themselves as a druid association, have their own secretive language, and seek to preserve nature and natural life in all its forms. Beyond this goal, it is widely known that most of the higher echelon members of their society have been gifted with Truths, and indoctrination into the Axis involves the beginnings of these teachings. Unfortunately, the survival rate for either their training or learning Truths isn't fantastic individually, and they're below average together. As such most don't want their young ones going off and joining the Axis. Nevertheless, many do, regardless of the risks, and so their numbers have steadily grown over the course of their existence. Their presence bodes well for the crops and wildlife of the region wherever they go, and so they are welcomed, despite this. The newly discovered continent of Anoma has drawn their interest greatly, as a source of possibly thousands of new specimens to be preserved, examined, understood, and eventually grown elsewhere. For this reason, they have declared that they will pay for interesting specimens, taken alive, though it is unknown when they will have delegates in the area.

Silverheart's Reclaimers

The Reclaimers are a group of summer elves who are known for salvaging sunken ships, creating archaeological digs, and generally finding all sorts of things. Most empires have, at one time or another, hired the Reclaimers to find information to give them casus belli on a rival, or go and find a particularly valuable cargo. As such, they have become supremely wealthy in the centuries they've been around. It is widely rumored that their leader found an ancient treasure map at some point, telling him of an armory filled with goods on a continent unlike anything known, and when Anoma was discovered, he immediately moved to start sending agents to the continent. These agents, typically summer elves, are on the look for ancient sites and artifacts to begin to uncover, and though no official mention is made of such a mystical armory, most of these agents certainly have it on their mind. Their policy on salvage is such that whoever finds the artifact, or the armory, will make the largest percentage of money off of its eventual sale, making it a continent-wide race to find artifacts.

The Priestesses of Covrudurth

Covrudurth has been located! It has long been foretold that his roost is somewhere far across the sea, on a hostile continent filled with the ruins of the weak, and now this new continent has been revealed! His followers should all rejoice that they might finally have the ability to make a pilgrimage to the Bitter Cold itself, and the Priestesses are sending out many an agent to go and find him. Setting up a church to him is of utmost importance at first, and they have announced that they will certainly be subsidizing a colony to set down in the tundra belt of Anoma. The next stage of their plans for the continent, however, are unknown...

Appearance of Subrace Hybrids

General Race Mechanics: Il’ha (Phonetically: illah) possess four sub-species branching off from Fey ancestry that remains strongly held in present-day characteristics. Each is uniquely suited to both the courts of Fey they originated from and the environment they sought to settle within. Though many Fey-like characteristics have been lost amidst the ages, each Il’ha maintains astounding ephemeral beauty, and a heightened constitution. Many of this species are tall, slender and built for agility with exception. Each features slanted and large almond eyes, similarly large and elongated ears and an inborn flame for magical prowess. Alongside this, elongated lifespans allow many Il’ha to develop skills over long periods of time. Each species possesses individual aesthetic and granted abilities.