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Artwork by Unknown
A Contortion of Flame
Rarity: Rare
Danger Level: Medium

Primary Author(s): BOTE

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

"The Elements lays as a landscape of serene beauty and grace. The ichor which we spill pools to the other planes and brings forth our entities amongst the different branches. In our balance, our truths lay as a show of continuance."

- Scoria, The First Light Genasi



Since the dawn of time, man dreamed of waving forth a hand to cast magic - bending the unnatural to their will and turning what once existed as a foe, to a tool used at their whim. Such came to pass as understanding of the Primordial Dream grew among those who studied it. Blessed they were with powers unlike any they had witnessed before, as they unlocked the secrets present within the first of the Pillars of Creation, one of nine such great sources of energy within the realm they studied.

It began with a Wizard by the name of Ophelius. A farmer in his years of youth, he came to realize the existence of the Primordial Dream, and thought to himself of the possibilities such a realm might hold. And so he studied it, meditated until he could all but dive into this realm with his consciousness at his own will. But the more he dove within this realm of shifting images and ideas, the more he realized just how much he did not know. In his travels of the mind he came upon nine Pillars, focused spaces of energy seeming to work together to hold something up, each more confusing than the last. This only fueled his need to understand - What exactly were these pillars, and what were they intended for?

Ophelius found one of these masses of centralized essence easier to understand than the rest. Why, exactly, he could not know for sure; he only guessed that it must be related to elements of life he already knew to a degree. He named this the Pillar of Forces, for a thunderous cacophony of the four basic elements came to dominate this area within the Primordial Dream. This would become his first focus, and as the years dragged on he began to awaken less and less, forgoing the material world for the Primordial Dream, awakened only to eat before once more delving within.

Man’s folly, to be so absorbed in their curiosities that they forgo the lives they once had.

Forgetting of his family, not even noticing the departure of the children he fathered nor the wife he married, he came upon a realization. Within his journeys, the world changed constantly - and the subtle shifts in the landscape came to reflect pieces of his own mind and soul. Memories, growing more and more constant in their appearances before his eyes. Thoughts of the Pillar and the energies within, began to grow themselves throughout this realm until he found himself trapped within, lost in a maze of thoughts and memories.

He travelled through many instances brought forth subconsciously by his mind, fighting beasts of flame in mock, non-existent battles, to soaring the sky on wings he never had. When he knew all there was to know of this one, single Pillar of Creation, he awoke. Truly, awake again within his home, set ablaze by a passing war he never even knew about due to his own failure to reside within the material realm he was born in.

Man’s folly, to hold obsessions so dear that such important parts of them fall to dust.

He called for his wife, for his children, to find his house empty and cold but for the heat of the true flames beginning to break it apart. His gaze set out the window at the marching soldiers, his fields - long forgotten and rotten - trampled and burned. But he did not know if this was real any more, or another piece of the Dream that never ends. In his Waking Dream he summoned the first act of magic known to man, calling upon the Pillar of Forces and the essence within to tear forth the sky with lightning, striking soldiers dead where they stood. The earth split open in jagged ravines to swallow souls lost forevermore. The winds his ally as they swept the flames forth into an inferno never before seen, consuming the lives of countless passing soldiers. And in this act of magic, it became known that to take from the Dream would be to give back, as the body and soul of the man tore into the Primordial Dream, becoming the very essence of magic he called upon.

And so too did the rains fall at his call, and quell the raging flame left behind by Man’s folly.

Many years have passed since the death of the old fool, Ophelius. His journal lay found - and the secrets of the Pillars once more brought to light.

The Pillar of Forces

The Pillar of Forces is the first of the Nine Pillars of Creation known to man, forming the foundations of existence within and around the World Tree and Gaia. This Pillar, utterly archaic in nature, is still the easiest to understand and learn about compared to the growing nature of confusion present within the rest. Due to this, it has become the first Pillar to provide Enigma Magic to those who study it. This Pillar holds four different types of magical Essence that can be drawn upon by an Elemental Magic wielder to form their spells.

  • Essence of Fire is the first of these, a swirling mass of heat and pressure within the Pillar of Forces that allows for the production of flame-based spells.
  • Essence of Wind is the second, a howling pit within the Pillar of Forces that allows for the production of air-based spells.
  • Essence of Water is the third, a swirling typhoon of currents within the Pillar of Forces that allows for the production of water-based spells.
  • Essence of Earth is the fourth, a floating mass of stalwart stone and other materials within the Pillar of Forces that allows for the production of earth-based spells.
  • Though not an Essence within itself, those connected to the Pillar of Forces may learn to manipulate the vast cacophony of elements within to form lightning-based spells at later stages.

Forming a connection to the Pillar of Forces however, is no easy task. The prospective Spellcaster must begin with daily meditation, focusing each day upon the Primordial Dream until they find themselves capable of sending out their mind to it, falling asleep to the outside world. On doing this intentionally they find themselves conscious of their dreamlike state, the world around them manipulating itself to each action they perform. This provides no benefit to the would-be spellcaster at this point, and is merely used to practice for what is to come.

At the same time, while conscious this prospective Spellcaster must study daily on each of the Four Essence types within the Pillar of Forces. They must understand Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, closely and intimately. Once this is accomplished, they may meditate once again and project their mind into the Primordial Dream, and begin to search for this Pillar. The exact method of finding it varies from person to person; One individual may undergo a trial within their mind, testing their knowledge of the elements before suddenly finding themselves connected to the Pillar. Another may travel through their memories to do the same. It could be anything, so long as it bears relation to the four types of Essence. Upon completing this ritual, the now-Spellcaster may enter a Waking Dream.

  • If a student is being taught, the Teacher must be the one to perform the Roleplay of one’s initial connection to the Pillar of Forces.
  • If a student is being self-taught, a Senior Lore/Event Team Member must be the one to perform the Roleplay of one’s initial connection to the Pillar of Forces.
  • The initial connection can be any sort of vision/dream, so long as it relates to the Pillar and Magic sought. This roleplay should be meaningful in some degree to the one being taught.
  • It is entirely possible for one to fail their attempt at connecting to the Pillar of Forces, infact, without a teacher the success rate is often considered insanely low. It is very common for people to leave the trial within their mind with egregious tear damages, memory loss, or in some causes heart failure. One does not trifle with the Primordial Dream, and one can't bring anyone with them besides possibly their teacher.

Waking Dream

In order to actually cast any spells, a Spellcaster must enter a Waking Dream. This takes the form of a ‘Connection’ Emote, where the Spellcaster must remain stationary and focus upon their connection to the Pillar of Forces. Their connection will strengthen and their mind will drift partway to this Pillar, causing them to enter a trancelike state where their eyes begin to glow, and the different forms of Essence swirl aesthetically around their body. They remain in full control of themselves in this state, but will become numbed to fatigue and emotion until they leave it. This numbness to fatigue does not mean it doesn’t exist however, from time to time causing the unaware Spellcaster to cast beyond their limitations without being aware of it, tearing themselves apart.



Physical Limitations

A connection to the Pillar of Forces is what allows an Enigma Mage to practice Elemental Magic. This Pillar of Creation however, does not place nearly as much stress upon the body or mind of the Enigma Mage as some others may, as a result allowing them to forgo any degradation of their physical bodies. This does not mean, however, that they are entirely without limitations in the use of their magic and combative prowess - For the act of connection does place enough stress upon the mind that the weight of wearing armor strains the Spellcaster’s use of magic, limited in the following ways:

  • The wearing of No Armor allows an Enigma Mage to cast Master level spells.
  • The wearing of Light Armor limits an Enigma Mage to Expert level spells.
  • The wearing of Medium Armor limits an Enigma Mage to Adept level spells.
  • The wearing of Heavy Armor limits an Enigma Mage to Basic level spells.

Any and all spells cast by an Elemental Magic wielder requires at least one hand to be free. As such, if the Enigma Mage choses to wield a sword, they must not wield anything requiring more than one hand, including a shield. A shield counts as Light Armor if worn by itself. Lastly, an Enigma Mage can be interrupted in their casting if the spell they seek is any more than 1 Emote in length, having to reply to any attacks on them more than a light slap before their spell could fully activate, be it taking the blow or dodging. If the spell fails to complete, it grants half of its Tear value rounded down, rather than the full.


Force's Bleed

One specific phenomena which is particularly present within the Pillar of Forces, is that which is tokened as 'Pillar's Bleed'. This is the theory that the more one calls upon the different Pillars of Creation, the more adverse effects are noted to become present in the soul and physical health of the Elementalist. This is heavily variant amongst that of the different Elementalists, as it often specialized to that of the Magi in particular. For example, a Master Spellcasting Elementalist whom is most attuned to that of Fire Spells may notice their skin becoming intensely brittle, burnt, and scabbed without them even causing such injuries themselves. As a differing example, a Master Earth Magi may notice their bones stiffen akin to rocks, causing their movement to slow and bodies to creak in a terrible sore pain.

  • The exact negative effects of the Pillar's bleed are left up to be aesthetically RP'd however the Magi wants. HOWEVER, these effects cannot have any form of positive effects, and they MUST follow the proper guidelines which are specified below no matter what. The explanations IRP as to why one's character cannot preform such is up to the Magi themselves to freeform and decide. LT may step in and enforce downsides if it looks as though one is trying to skirt the negatives.

  • A Basic Spellcaster does not face any of the effects, their body untainted by that of the Pillar's influence as they are free to go about their practice with no form of difference.
  • An Adept Spellcaster would first notice the negative effects of Elementalism sprouting from that of their hands and feet. Whether it be fingers turning to a stagnant unmoving stone, water leaking uncontrollably from one's hand, etc. Nonetheless at this stage, all that would be noted is passive aesthetic happenings.
  • An Expert Spellcaster is the stage in which the Pillar's influence begins to circle down the Magi's limbs and begin to claim domain in the Magi's central core. This lays a heavy weight upon the Magi's soul, causing them to become heavily sensitive to the weight of armors. Whether this is due to their skin heating up one's metal to a state where they can't breath, or static shock conducting throughout the metal and stunning the Magi so that they fall over at the first attempt. At this stage, a Magi is unable to wear Heavy Armor, and suffers a -1 movement speed in ANY armor types ontop of any other normal debuffs.
  • An Master Spellcaster feels the intensive effects of Bleed, the tainting spread of the Pillar slowly creeping up to effect at the Magi's Mind and Soul. This leads to occasional mood-swings, as well as an expanded amount of physical downsides for the Magi. This can oftentimes be as extreme as one's left-arm entirely turning to un-moving stone, the Magi's hand turning to a permanent ethereal wind which is un-corporeal, etc. By this stage, the Elementalist is unable to use Heavy Weapons, and all Medium Weapons require two hands to even use.


The Four Ranks

To judge the progression of an Elemental Spellcaster, four Ranks are given in accordance with the base magic rules. Basic, Adept, Expert, and Master spellcasters. A Spellcaster must abide by their Rank for a minimum of Two Months, allowing them to become a Master Spellcaster at six. If they are being self-taught, this instead turns to a minimum of Three Months per rank, nine until they are a Master. Each Rank achieved grants the Spellcaster access to a new use of their magic:

Basic Spellcaster | Manipulate Essence

Adept Spellcaster | Conjure Essence

Expert Spellcaster | Absorb Essence

Master Spellcaster | Lightning Essence


Magical Abilities

Normal Spells

The performance of Elementalism is considered to be a guidelined form of free-form spellcasting, wherein the user creates their own spells to be used as they please, when they please. Outside of combat there are few restrictions upon the use of magic for aesthetic purposes; so long as nothing outlandish is performed, there is no problem. In combat however, there are a few more rules which will be listed below, as four different spells learned at each of the different Ranks of Elementalism.

  • To use a Rank-1 form of the Magic, 10 Tear is expended. Or 5 per emote in extended uses.
  • To use a Rank-2 form of the magic, 15 Tear is expended. Or 10 per emote in extended uses.
  • To use a Rank-3 form of the magic, 25 Tear is expended. Or 15 per emote in extended uses.
  • To use a Rank-4 form of the magic, 40 Tear is expended. Or 20 per emote in extended uses.

As a general rule of thumb, the formation of a spell is 1 emote per rank minimum, not inclusive of the emote of connection required before the magic, nor the emote of launching/activating the spell. Certain spells may take longer, as written below. A Rank 1 Manipulative spell could take a minimum of 3 emotes whilst a Rank 4 at a minimum will take 6.

Spells that maintain the Essence of FIRE are known to be chaotic and hard to control, dealing widespread damage rather than anything aimed at pinpoint control, beyond simple manipulations such as fireballs. These spells are by far the most powerful due to how difficult it is to procure the flames required for them.

Spells that maintain the Essence of AIR are known to be fast moving and swift, casting over great ranges and bearing a balanced variety of uses, both offensive and defensive.

Spells that maintain the Essence of EARTH are known to be slow and sturdy, cast usually right near the Elementalist and being used for defensive means. Overall it is considered to be the weakest of the elements in all but its defensive uses(such as forming barriers), though this is due to its location near anywhere where one can walk.

Spells that maintain the Essence of WATER are known to be reliable and controlled, able to be manipulated to extremes unlike the other elements due to its fluid nature. When made into ice, this falls somewhere between water and earth.

[ Manipulate Essence ]

[Rank 1]

The base foundations of Elementalism allows one to control the elements of air, earth, fire and water through the controlling of the base Essence within each and their connection to the Primordial Dream. Manipulate Essence is the innate and most basic spell of an Elementalist, allowing them to control these elements so long as they are pre-existing in the world already.

Beginning with a Basic Elementalist, they may formulate smaller spells - such as manipulating the flame of a torch into a fist-sized sphere of the substance, or causing rocks to be thrown at their foes. Generally these low-level spells will amount in smaller effects capable of bruising/slightly injuring an opponent at best. Another example is forming a shield of water to protect against flame based attacks, or bringing up a thin wall of earth as well. As a general guideline, these spells may not travel any faster than an arrow, nor may they cause any more damage than a thrown rock(albeit in burns, cuts, etc depending on the form of the spell).

[Rank 2]

As one progresses to an Adept Spellcaster, the strength of the elements they may manipulate grows as well. The Elementalist at this stage learns to distinguish their spells with the elements they use as well, leading the Essences of Fire and Air to be used more offensively, whereas Water and Earth tend to more often fit into defensive niches. These lines are by no means definite, though merely their most common use due to the difficulty in manipulating certain Essences to act against their nature.

At this stage of spellcrafting, Adept Ranked spells will prove to be as efficient as a sword-blow and fast as an arrow when used in combat, with the type of damage inflicted obviously alternating based upon the used element and form of the spell. Examples of these spells would fall along the lines of a whip of flame, or a protective whirlwind of air.

[Rank 3]

The use of Elementalism truly begins to shine at the Expert level, with these spellcasters capable of manipulating elements for more destructive results, and over larger areas. Spells of this nature often imply the use of exploding fireballs, scolding, rain-like sprays of water, spikes of earth fragmenting into many smaller ones, and so forth.

These spells can prove able to be fatal if used properly, though are not well known for their lethality outright. Usually they are intended to provide lighter wounds to a larger number of individuals.

[Rank 4]

At this point the spells formed by a Master Elementalist form devastating effects. Over time they may form large-scale spells. These spells are deadly, and have a clear build up to signify when they are about to be sent. Those caught within are sure to perish without a means of defending against it. Examples of the generalized maximum for these spells would include a defensive whirlwind that constantly blows foes and projectiles away with ease, or a cone of flame extending to a max of seven meters from the Elementalist themselves. If the spells act over time like the previous examples, anything that kills should take a few emotes of direct exposure, lengthened by strong enough armors, etc. Direct strikes from instantaneous spells of this level often prove fatal, such as a spear of white hot flame being flung.

Beyond this, Master Elementalists now learn to manipulate the bounds of their spells of ALL ranks, trading out certain aspects for others. One could trade out half of the damage of their spell to add on to the speed that it travels, or reduced casting time. Alternatively, they could spend more Tear to add on to the spell without removing from other areas, though this is no cheap action.

Manipulate Essence Red Lines

- The Manipulation of Air requires a windy area. This can be assumed to be: Plains, and areas of high elevation. Alternatively events where the ET describes it as windy.

- The use of a Rank 4 Elementalist’s ability to manipulate the bounds of their spell extends to all Ranks of their spells once initially learned, as well as to the use of their other spells: Manipulate Essence and Lightning Essence.

- The use of a Rank 4 Elementalist’s ability to manipulate the bounds of their spell adds extra emotes to the spell if the tear-cost is increasing.

- Elementalists may not manipulate magical elements, such as a demon’s flame or elements already under control of another sentient being.

- Be reasonable! Your MA will be denied if you’re found to be abusing this for yourself.

- The manipulation of elements simultaneously is allowed aesthetically only.


[ Conjure Essence ]

On becoming an Adept Elementalist, one gains the ability to conjure Essence into the form of elements even without their prior existence in the area. This is a simple ability, though greatly useful. It follows all of the redlines and abilities outlined in the Manipulate Essence form of the magic, though the strength of the magic performed is reduced in tier by ONE. Thus, a Rank 4 Elementalist may conjure and manipulate elements as though they are performing Rank 3 Manipulate Essence. The act of conjuring an element is slightly more taxing however, causing an Elementalist to expend 5 more Tear per spell.

Conjure Essence Red Lines

- This spell allows one to perform the Manipulate Essence spell at one Rank lower than their actual proficiency. Therefore, the greater spells detailed in Rank 4 of Manipulate Essence are impossible to perform using Conjure Essence.

- There is no emote-time difference in Conjure Essence, as opposed to Manipulate Essence. The only difference is the usage of 5 more Tear, and the emote aesthetic of an element being conjured from nothing rather than being pulled from an existing source.

- The expenditure of 5 more Tear is a one time drawback, and doesn’t apply consistently to spells that work over time and would constantly be costing more Tear.


[ Absorb Essence ]

An Expert Elementalist learns to manipulate their elements on a more subtle level, allowing for them to infuse items and weapons temporarily with boons associated with their chosen element. An example may include the use of Fire Essence to temporarily imbue an ally’s blade to burst into flame, or the use of Water Essence to cause it to leave ice where it strike. Alternative uses involve using Earth Essence to cause someone’s armor to weigh less, or the Essence of Air to temporarily allow someone to breath underwater.

The use of Absorb Essence is more broad in its possibilities, though as a general rule of thumb the effects should be far less than the other uses of the magic. The intended purpose of Absorb Essence is to grant temporary boons to your allies rather than fighting, yourself.

Absorb Essence Red Lines

- This spell grants temporary boons onto items worn by others, and cannot be cast directly on living material.

- Generally, this use of elementalism (though continuous) only costs Tear at its initial expenditure, and the created magic lasts for 1 RP Scenario OR an OOC Hour, whichever is longer.

- Examples of this includes:

  • An amulet that causes fire to naturally push away from the user/keeps their temperature from growing too hot(or vice versa).
  • A sword that bursts into flame when drawn!
  • An amulet that shields someone from up to 3 ranged attacks with wind.
  • Armor that weighs half its normal amount!

- If you want to try something and you think it might be pushing the bounds, ask an LT member for confirmation. You are held responsible if you exceed these bounds unknowingly, so be careful.


[ Lightning Essence ]

At the level of Master, an Elementalist has finally gained knowledge of the most elusive of the elements - the ability to manipulate lightning. At this stage, Lightning Essence gets added to the Elementalist’s Manipulate and Conjure Essence spells, able to be summoned as they please.

Lightning however, is the most fickle element to control. Any use of it at a Rank 1 or 2 level will result in little to nothing being done. If used using Third Ranked Manipulate Essence(Or Fourth Ranked Conjure, respectively), an Elementalist may begin to formulate this element into roughly controlled bolts capable of stunning or killing targets if hit directly. Other spells may be performed as well, though an Elementalist may not manipulate these spells continuously like they may with other elements.

Additionally, any time the Elementalist releases a Lightning based spell, they must as well roll a d20. On a 5 or lower, the spell releases as intended, but also discharges a portion of itself back at the caster - leaving them stunned for three emotes, and significantly injured. On average, a lightning based spell will also stun the target for 3 emotes, and leave them covered in various minor burns except in more extreme uses of the spell(Rank 4).

When Lightning Essence is used within a storm however, is where it’s destructive power and potential truly begins to shine. When manipulated at a Master level, the Elementalist finds themselves capable of releasing spells vastly more destructive than anything they could muster before - leaving swaths of land scorched by lightning. Likewise, the danger increases to themselves - for to fail their roll equals an irrevocable, PK Death.

Lightning Essence Red Lines

- Lightning Essence is added as an element for use in the Manipulate and Conjure Essence spells.

- Any use of Lightning Essence requires a d20 roll. 5 or lower results in self-discharge, stunning and injuring the caster after the spell fires.

- Lightning Manipulation becomes very powerful during thunderstorms, but a failure to roll a 6 or higher results in death. “Suicide” PK.

- Lightning Manipulation can only be done for instantaneous spells, such as firing a bolt. They cannot be manipulated once discharged like other elements.


Forbidden Spells

The following spells are accessible by those who practice this magic, though are not included within self-teaching or normal-teaching guidelines, as they are not considered a required piece of the magic. These spells may be learned through events, and in theory through teachers as well, though by no means is it expected that a user of this magic is aware of even their existence.

These are the ‘Forbidden’ Spells, acts of magic incredibly powerful and potent in nature, but all at once consuming all 100 Tear a Caster may have, and ripping them into the Primordial Dream. These spells are devastating to both the environment and the user, for to cast one is to die.

As a final note, these spells are rumored to grow more powerful from time to time, if used in the right circumstances. Exactly why is unsure, but a popular rumor foretells that the gods will gaze down onto these self-sacrificing Mortals in their time of need, and turn their fading embers into a roaring inferno should they deem the Mortal to be worthy. In practice, this allows ET’s to emote the Spell Effects as they please.

[ Lightning Storm ]

Rank: 4+ | Emotes: 10 | Tear: ~

Description: The Caster calls upon the Essences that they have mastered, gathering forth these energies into a gray cloud suspended within the sky, rumbling with thunder. This continues until the build up of electricity splits the sky, sending forth streams of lightning to slam into the ground at random for a time.

Mechanics: One of the ultimate spells an Elementalist can cast, nine emotes are spent where the Essence swirling around the Caster’s body is sent into the sky to form a great storm. At the tenth emote, the gathered Essence erupts downwards in the form of bolts of lightning across the landscape, lasting for an additional five emotes. At the start of each turn of anyone not beneath a form of cover, they must roll a d20 dice, considered to be struck by the Rank 3 spell Lightning Bolt if they do not roll a 6 or higher. One strike will leave someone numbed and severely wounded. A second will leave them paralyzed. A third will kill.


- After having cast the Lightning Storm spell, the Magi’s form would break apart and be torn into the Primordial Dream. This PK is considered irreversible, as not even the gods themselves could gather the raptured soul after it has been torn.

- All within the landscape the spell is cast must roll a D20 at the start of each of their emotes, being struck if they roll a 1-5. This lasts five emotes.

- If struck once, the target is burned and wounded. If struck twice, the target is paralyzed and further wounded. If struck thrice, the target is killed.

- You are considered safe from this spell if you have a proper roof over your head; an umbrella does not count.

- The upper bound of what a 'landscape' could be considered is somewhere around 100x100 blocks.

- The process of this spell requires the Caster to stay absolutely still, and is excruciatingly painful as ripples and cracks of tear break all along the caster’s body.

- If the caster is interrupted amid their spell and loses connection, their tear is set to 99 and they’d be rendered unconscious.

- This spell does not distinguish friend from foe.

[ Pyroblast ]

Rank: 4+ | Emotes: 10 | Tear: ~

Description: With true mastery of Fire achieved, the Elementalist’s Essence surges forth from their body in a burning vortex of heat as their body is consumed into the Primordial Dream, never to be seen again.

Mechanics: The Sun, rumored to be created through Ralios’ use of this legendary spell, serves as the point of study and focus an Elementalist must have to cast this. Though much smaller in effect when used by Mortal Hands, none can deny the sheer ferocity in which this spell consumes all around - The Mortal who cast it included. Over the course of ten emotes, cracks begin to appear and glow upon the body of the Caster, growing brighter and brighter until at the tenth it erupts outwards in a wave of heat and energy rarely seen, Vrai Flame. The Caster dies instantly, but the effects of their magic drag on over three emotes where the fire, a perfect sphere, expands out rapidly from them to consume all within a distance of up to twenty meters, with heat blasting out for hundreds more - leaving scorched earth and greatly harmed individuals within the next twenty meters out.


- The casting of this spell results in an instant and irreversible PK for the Caster.

- The Caster must remain still with the casting of this spell, excruciating pain following each emote.

- If the caster is interrupted amid their spell and loses connection, their tear is set to 99 and they’d be rendered unconscious.

- This spell does not distinguish friend from foe.

- This spell effects and burns beings which would otherwise be immune to fire.

- Needs RO permission to harm the landscape.

[ Tornado ]

Rank: 4+ | Emotes: 10 | Tear: ~

Description: With true mastery over the Essence of Wind, the Elementalist becomes one with the element in an intense burst of energy to form a massive tornado, sent hurtling forth in a direction they please.

Mechanics: Over the course of ten emotes, the Elementalist’s body breaks away until it all but doesnt exist at the end, replaced instead by an ever growing current of swirling wind amassed slowly, and released in full upon the tenth and final emote. As it is released, the Caster is slain and a Tornado is sent tearing forth in a single direction. This is strong enough to tear buildings apart, fling individuals and animals far apart, as well as keep many objects hurtling around within the vortex to bludgeon those it strikes. One can almost swear that the wind is alive as they see it - low rumbles sounding almost like human groans sounding out in the skies as it moves, almost-formed limbs of swirling air at the sides.


- The casting of this spell results in an instant and irreversible PK for the Caster.

- The process of this spell requires the Magi to stay absolutely still, and is excruciatingly painful as ripples and cracks of tear break all along the caster’s body.

- The damages caused by this spell are to be emoted by either an LT or ET. If the caster is an LT or ET, another staff member must emote the damages instead. If all parties agree and a caster has RO consent, then the caster may decide the effects.

- If the caster is interrupted amid their spell and loses connection, their tear is set to 99 and they’d be rendered unconscious.

- This spell does not distinguish friend from foe.

- As a reference point, this tornado would be relateable to that of a F-5 twister.

[ Earthquake ]

Rank: 4+ | Emotes: 10 | Tear: ~

Description: With a full mastery of the Essence of Earth achieved, the Elementalist may send forth the energies within the Pillar of Forces into an earth-shattering force within the ground.

Mechanics: Over the course of ten emotes, the body of the Elementalist shatters apart as they slam their hands onto the ground - sending rippling waves of energy out. Cracks form in the ground across the region that grind together to form a great earthquake, tearing apart the land and forming vast crevices easily fallen into. At the completion of the spell however, the damage to the landscape is undone - the cracks closing in on whoever may have fallen within, to keep them forevermore locked within the bounds of the earth with the shattered soul of the Wizard who cast upon them.


- The casting of this spell results in an instant and irreversible PK for the Caster.

- The process of this spell requires the Magi to stay absolutely still, and is excruciatingly painful as ripples and cracks of tear break all along the caster’s body.

- You may not cast this spell without having gone through the proper RP to learn this spell.

- If the caster is interrupted amid their spell and loses connection, their tear is set to 99 and they’d be rendered unconscious.

- This spell does not distinguish friend from foe.

- The caster may decide if the Earthquake's cracks would seal up or stay broken apart after the duration of the spell has finalized.

[ Tsunami ]

Rank: 4+ | Emotes: 10 | Tear: ~

Description: The Essence of Water surges out through the Elementalist, a wrathful display of might as the ocean withdraws itself from sight, only to come once more crashing out upon the landscape.

Mechanics: Over the course of ten emotes, the ocean - of which the caster must be standing at the shore - draws itself back, far away from anyone else. At the end, the Elementalist releases their hold, letting the water begin to build up and come cascading back - consuming them as they perish into the Primordial Dream, and a raging tsunami is brought forth upon the land. Those who fall within the water hear the pained cries of the one who brought it upon them, and any others who may have died within the all-consuming ocean around them.


- The casting of this spell results in an instant and irreversible PK for the Caster.

- The process of this spell requires the Magi to stay absolutely still, and is excruciatingly painful as ripples and cracks of tear break all along the caster’s body.

- You may not cast this spell without having gone through the proper RP to learn this spell.

- If the caster is interrupted amid their spell and loses connection, their tear is set to 99 and they’d be rendered unconscious.

- This spell does not distinguish friend from foe.



Elemental Magic exists as an attempt to give forth a wide variety and new take on simple evocation spell magics. The culture of Elemental Magi lies within the study of elements, forces, and how they relate to the present of strange happenings contorting and manipulating the basic rules of reality. In terms of general summarized redlines and other tidbits they go as follows:

General Redlines

- Aesthetic actions, such as contorting a small flame on your finger, or causing a light breeze in the area around you, are able to be cast without any added Tear as long as it is not used in combat.

- Changing prepared spells may be done once a month by messaging an LT and having them comment on your application.

- Any spells that greatly affect the landscape, such as every single Forbidden Spell, require RO Consent if used on a region tile.

- An Elemental Magi must properly abide by the physical limitations that come from wearing armor respectably.

- By attaining Elemental Magic, you are no longer able to gain any other magics. The only exception would be Feats which may be applicable to one’s race (E.q. Enchanting/Golemancy).

- You may not cast a spell without properly practicing and researching said spell through RP means, whether this be via lessons from a teacher or going out into the world to study how the mechanics of such spell could be easily executed.

- For the sake of moderation tracking, ease of access, and for one’s own benefit, it is highly suggested that the player keeps their persona’s Tear Value in their persona prefix.

- Attempts to maliciously and knowingly powergame, loophole, or generally provide a low standard of RP with this and any other magic may lead to one’s MA being revoked.

- This Magic IS SELF-TEACHABLE, following self-teach rules.