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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Darkness
Symbols: Hooded Lantern
Followers: Thieves, Night Stalkers, Murderers
Other Names: The Neverending Darkness, The Elemental Lord of Dark

Zyzrasil is an elusive and dark master. Those who have managed to glimpse his form describe him as a slender, sharp, and disfigured entity with dark wisping tendrils rolling off of him. Scrawny yet towering within the darkness. The only being to ever fully see Zyzrasil’s face was Qhethys herself, which she described as “The Worst And Most Disturbing Creature my Lights Have Ever, and will Ever Shine Upon...”


Zyzrasil has influence over the night and shadows, as well as unexpected strikes from the dark.


Sacrifice to Zyzrasil: Like all elemental deities, Zyzrasil enjoys the sacrifice of animals. Sacrificing animals, the larger the better, and cooking the flesh above an open fire until it's burnt away is a great ritual to attempt to contact Zyzrasil, giving up to a plus three, depending on the size of the animal. Unusual or magical animals can give up to plus ten. They must be slaughtered and butchered, cooked and burnt all specifically for the sake of the deity, from start to finish.
The most common ritual to Zyzrasil is known as the Ritual of Hidden Things. Performing this ritual requires one to bury something of value (5gp or more) in a dark place, and forget where it is. True hiding requires even the hider to forget the location of the hidden. It is said that this is also a method of physically reaching Zyzrasil, through getting so thoroughly lost that you end up in the Plane of Shadows, though this is contested. Regardless, this is a good method of contacting the shadowy deity.
Ritual of Appropriated Goods: Praying to Zyzrasil over a stolen item is a ritual in and of itself. The downside is that the shadowy deity almost always takes the item. The upside is that sometimes they will return a Stolen Holy Symbol for this act, allowing one to use this ritual any time.


Zyzrasil has utter control over darkness, being able to solidify it and wield it as a weapon.


There are a few artifacts of Zyzrasil, but none are more famous than the Shadeclothe, a cloak worn by Ramus Titus Eroditus, the most famous thief who ever lived in the Old Empire, a man who stole so much that at the end of his life he contented himself with merely stealing things from one secure facility to place them securely into the lockboxes of other museums or banks, who would be none the wiser until they took the time to inspect their goods.


When the Elements all underwent their manifestation, by far the most wicked and eldritch of them all was the Lord of Shadows himself, Zyzrasil. A being of pure darkness, Zyzrasil was instantly and totally imbued with the corrupting venom of the World Arachnid herself, turning the elemental figure into a shell of maddening paranoia and everlasting dread. His existence would serve to do nothing more but fuel the constant blurring darkness and corruption in the world. Zyzrasil’s paranoia overtook his mind, and as a result he took to hiding as far into his own dark abyssal blackness as he could. Hiding safely within nothingness, the Elemental lord wanted nothing more than to disappear, as being seen and shined upon gave the deity an incessant, irrational fear of death. As such the Shadow Lord sent himself into a deep self isolation, hiding within a dark corner of the known universe to safely calm himself. This was of course, until coming face to face with Qhethys.

Not expecting the curious rising light to slowly encapsulate and surround his form, Zyzrasil was awoken from his slumber to find his entire figure burning a triumphant yellow. A melting sensation underwent his entire form, as the creature turned to see the face of Qhethys, glaring like a sun straight towards him. Zyzrasil quickly retreated, scampering farther down the World Tree nearer to the domain of the World Serpent… though as he did so he noticed a sincere face upon the Goddess of Light herself. A face of disgust, repulsion, and fear.

The realization of what had just transpired slowly etched into the Lord of Shadow’s minds, and as such his paranoia was confirmed and justified. Light, Fire, and Life were all beings created and sustained through Qhethys, and they all had the biggest possible chance of slaying the death-fearing abomination… and as such, Zyzrasil would vow to spread his influence over the realms in an attempt to snuff out all possible light. By using the pure stygian darkness surrounding him, Zyzrasil functioned as an agent to transport the chaotic spawn of the World Serpent across multiple planes, as well as corrupted sentient life in the Mortal Realm to help spread his will. Using Agents of Darkness, Zyzrasil would unintentionally start the trend and creation of Gensai, while also introducing Darkspawn into the world.