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Artwork by Tracing The Skye
Domain(s): The Moons, Wisdom, and Magic
Symbols: The Moon, Luminide
Followers: Many Glubokiy, Truthseekers
Other Names: The Mysterious Dragon, The Moon, The Voice of Moonshine

“On a night most clear, when the moon can be seen in full, a very lucky few will be blessed to see her. An even smaller few might be blessed to hear her golden voice, whispering to them a Truth…”
-The Beginning of several Glubokiy fables


Xulzraiss has influence over the moon and moonlight, as well as the Luminide in the ground. She also has influence over the magics of the world, and is directly responsible for the Glubokiy continuing to exist as a species.


Xulzraiss has knowledge of all Truths. Though she is less physically imposing than the rest of her draconic siblings, these reality-twisting abilities make her likely the most dangerous of them all.


It is said that almost all Truths that mortals know were originally passed down by Xulzraiss in her mysterious flights of fancy, and so most Truths, and indeed most magical items could be considered artifacts of Xulzraiss.


Xulzraiss’ motives are impossible to pin down. Sometimes she seeks to help, as in the case of the Glubokiy, who she granted the Truths they use to keep themselves alive. Sometimes, she shares wisdom that only harms, as in the case of the God-King Kerbadal, who was given a Truth which he was unprepared to use, and in his fervor to be mighty, erased his own kingdom and his mind with it. It’s also unknown where the Dragon of the Moons truly resides, some posit that she sleeps on the moon, while others say she merely stays on some undiscovered continent on the far side of the planet. The only thing that is clear is that Xulzraiss can only be seen very rarely on the night of a full moon, and the experience of viewing her is a deeply spiritual one. Many who come into contact with her find themselves enrapt, and compelled to join one of the churches who worship her, and many of these churches make it their business to store and collect Truths. These two things mesh well with one another, leading to the Church of the Moon having, across their many hidden monasteries, the greatest collection of Truths in the world. Xulzraiss herself is a huge, sparkling silver dragon of unsurpassable beauty, though she is known to shapeshift and walk the world in the form of one of the mortal races, generally as a beautiful female member of that species, though occasionally as an extremely handsome man. For this reason, it is considered wise and just to treat strangers well, after all, insulting the draconic goddess of magic is a mistake one doesn’t get to make twice.