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Wyrms are much like the smaller worms but covered in thick scales, with huge mouths full of blunt, crushing teeth. They range anywhere from six meters long and thirty centimeters wide to sixty meters long and five meters in diameter. Generally speaking, they are confined to plains and deserts, places where the soil is soft enough for them to easily burrow through, but when they get large enough they will sometimes branch out to burrowing through sandstone and softer types of stone. This often spells their doom, though, as they will almost invariably run into something they’re incapable of burrowing through, get stuck, and without anything to eat, they will perish, only found as fossils typically hundreds of years later. They’ll eat just about everything, and are a menace to farming villages and caravans alike. Fortunately, their teeth are more durable, and as hard as diamond, at about half the weight, making it excellent for tools and weaponry.

Burrowing, usually in plains or deserts.

Territorial, hunger driven.

Danger Level
High-Extreme. Younger ones are significantly less dangerous than the big ones.

Fast moving, tough, thick skin, burrowing.

Cannot burrow through stone or harder materials, will eat anything.

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