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Artwork by Unknown
A Witch Dressed in Her Ceremonial Attire
Rarity: Rare
Danger Level: Medium

Primary Author(s): BOTE

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

"Witch words."

- Witch, The Witch



Though Witches have existed for many centuries, some great and some small, none of them stand out quite so much as one. Once the wife of a soldier named Eltorak, Morgaine was a woman of class who always needed the most expensive of anything. She was not truly in love, she told herself constantly. Her marriage was for nothing but her own status in relation to her husband’s position in the military. When the day came that her husband was finally called off for war, she couldn’t have been more elated. Until the day it was declared that the campaign was a failure, and all those who went died by the end of it.

She feigned distress. She cried, she went to the funeral, she wore black. A lie for sure, but a lie that kept going. One that kept her awake at night, and nagged at her mind mercilessly. Morgaine, for certain, was a liar of exceptional skill; for eventually her tears became real as she too fell for the lies she wove. It could have stopped there. It should have. But no, it continued. When rage grew inside of the girl, she aimed it at the mad king which sent her husband to his grave. She told herself she hated him, and pinned the king for all of her following misfortunes.

In truth, she couldn’t have been happier. Her rage was aimed at herself, for believing her own lies.

It was in the depths of her despair that the voice of the Dark One reached out to her. Soothing, this voice told her everything she wanted to hear. Perhaps not the truth either, only adding to the web of lies that would soon become Morgaine’s life. It promised her salvation from her fears and anger, and revenge for her husband’s death.

Greedily she took the hand of the Dark One, accepting her powers and becoming one of her Witches. With exceptional skill she grew in strength until she stood as a master, and so began her quest. With curses and hexes, poisons and illusions, she wormed her way into the council, using her previous position as a general’s wife to strengthen her foothold. She had caused the deaths of many in this venture, at back alleys or in bedrooms. A collection of souls lay hers then, and with the aid of her fellow Witches she hatched a plot.

How I wish I was there, to have stopped her. My wife, I am sorry!

One evening, during a rare party in the castle, she sent another witch to take her place in her guise. She and others ventured instead beneath the heart of the castle, where they had stowed away their cauldrons and Grimoires. That night became the first instance of the Sacred Sacraments usage, three spells far greater than the other Liturgies of a Witch. She first attempted to conjure her husband, years having passed since his death. Though the spell succeeded, it did naught but conjure a torn apart, frozen corpse. A skeleton and little more.

Distraught, enraged that she could not return what was lost, she and the other witches released all of the tormented and chained souls they had gathered over countless years, letting them tear through the castle, invading every suit of armor, animal, and body they could find. Hundreds of souls, forever animating in new ways each time they were slain; within a night, the castle lay in ruins. The city followed.

And I watched it happen. Unable to scream, unable to act.

Morgaine escaped, though her years were drawing to an end. She was old now, wearing the guise of a beautiful woman but with graying hair and wrinkled skin. She had sought the Dark One’s blessing in hopes to cure her of her emotions, and the feelings she felt. She thought it would work, and in these final graying days of hers she realized the deceit she had fallen for; her patron sought only to stomp on the defeated.

The Dark One

The Dark One is known as one of the seven Mortal Gods, deities residing within the Material Plane in which the mortal races inhabit, designated as one of those who defend it from otherworldly threats. This Goddess in particular takes on a much nastier role, enjoying the sight of the strong toppling to the weak, and the lies sewn by mortal tongues. She is, inherently, an evil Goddess, working alongside The Tyrant except in cases where the plane as a whole is threatened.

She grants her Divine Favor to women specifically, turning the weak who pray for her guidance into Witches capable of utilizing her powers to perform dark rituals and spells a normal mind would see as insane. Such uses range from the crafting of magical pouches from organs, to the warping of one’s body to have gills or webbed fingers. All in all the practice of her Divine Gifts revolves around the creation of magic imbued tools and the warping of the physical body, and rituals born thereof.

Forging a Connection

Becoming a witch is no easy task, requiring one to receive the favor of The Dark One. But the Goddess of Weakness and Deceit is a most fickle one with those she choses, refusing to take on any who already exist fulfilling lives. She enjoys those who are already weak of body, of heart and mind. She enjoys those who plead with the world to answer their prayers, and grant them the ability to topple the kings and crowns that lord over them. When these such individuals find themselves at their lowest points, swallowed into the depths of grief, she reaches out a gentle hand to guide them with honeyed words and promises, should they swear themselves to her. In this, she seeks only females to be her servants - perhaps because they are much like her.

When this connection is formed, a Grimoire is found by the witch - sticking from the earth, falling from the sky, or merely appearing at their bedside. Any number of ways exist for a Witch to find hers, but all do in time. Within this Grimoire they read of spells and incantations, requirements and rules to forge artifacts and curses, potions and poisons. To those who lack the gift of The Dark One, the words upon the pages will constantly shift and change, indecipherable.

  • A Witch gains their connection through a fall into despair and grief, where The Dark One will reach out and offer them release for service.
  • A Witch must be a female.
  • A Witch gains a Grimoire after forging their connection, detailing their spells and incantations, learned more properly as the Witch progresses through the magic Ranks.
  • A Witch who loses their Grimoire ceases to be a Witch until they recover it, or receive a new one through an event.



Favor of Deceit

Like all of The Mortal Arts, the use of the magic bestowed upon Witches is measured in “Favor.” A form of exhaustion measuring the loyalty of the Witch to their dark Goddess, consumed upon the use of any of their Liturgies. At a base level, all Witches have Eight points of Favor; Eight instances where they can cast their magic before being unable to do so any more. This Favor does not regenerate naturally however, the Witch being required to perform certain actions to regain it. A single action will restore anywhere from one to two Favor, and only one may be performed per IRL day. Due to the difficulty in regaining favor, most users of Mortal Arts try and refrain from casting where possible. The ways to regain favor are as follows:

  • The sacrificing and burning of a lamb or similar creature will grant the Witch a single point of Favor, provided they indulge in the blood of the slain beast before it is gifted to The Dark One.
  • The cutting of one’s own palm, and convincing an unrelated mortal to willingly drink the blood that flows, will grant the Witch two points of Favor. This will cause the mortal to become incredibly ill and sick for a few days following, and they may be tricked into it(such as handing someone a mug and the individual not paying attention until they drink it). So long as the Witch does not force it down someone’s throat, it’s fair game.
  • Performing either of the two above methods of gaining Favor must be screenshotted, but need not be shown to any LT unless explicitly asked for it. Being caught abusing this system will result in instant denial of your application and a Magic Blacklist.

The Dark Pact

A Witch who seeks to further the connection between them and The Dark One may perform the Dark Pact, a wicked deal no sane individual would ever take. Those who take this deal will find that the Favor they have will always return to a minimum of two at the start of each IRL day. They cannot exceed this number still without performing the proper rituals mentioned above however.

To make this deal, the Witch must first bear a child - a boy or girl, it does not matter. Upon the birth of this child and granting it a name, they offer it up in sacrifice to their Goddess, and cast the newborn into flames. The cries of the child would sound for but a moment, before the baby would all but vanish, as though it never existed. The deal was made, and the Witch would have her boon; but not without sacrifice. The Child, born and thrown away, would not die, and in the coming years would return as one of the Damned Children.

  • A Witch may never again bear another child after performing this pact.
  • A Witch must not already have a child before performing this pact.
  • The Damned Child may be played at a later date, detailed below.

The Damned Children

A Witch who seeks to expand the influence of their Goddess to themselves, and gain permanent Favor to use for their dark liturgies, casts aside their firstborn child and ability to bear any more. In this, they inadvertently create their most dangerous foe. The Child does not die, growing instead in the care of The Dark One, in her own home isolated from the world and others. These children bear the scars of their burns permanently, as though always fresh, and always hurting them just as much. At the coming of sixteen, the Child is released upon the world - a mortal in almost every way. They age, they bleed, they die. Though beyond their hideous burns, a few smaller differences exist within each Damned Child released.

  • The Damned Child will always know their mother on sight.
  • The Damned Child cannot be healed of their burn scars in any capacity.
  • The Damned Child will always bear an intense loathing of Witches.
  • The Damned Child is utterly immune to magic from the Witches, from curses to poisons.

Known more often as “The Damned,” these beings exist to hunt down and slay the Witch who cast them into the flame. They exist to slay their mother. For in accomplishing such a task, they will no longer be one of The Damned - Their scars will heal, and immunity to Witch-born magic will fade. They will regain their lost appearance and the innate loathing of Witches will fade from them, letting them gain the life their mother sought to take.

The Witch who birthed them will come to find a note within their grimoire. An addition to their rules as a Witch; forbidding them from harming the child. The Witch may not attack the child, attempt to harm it, directly or indirectly through others. If she is to do this, The Dark Pact she made will be considered null and void. This leaves the Witch with two options; to lose their pact and attempt to slay The Damned that hunts them, immune to their magic. Or to hide from their sins, and maintain their heightened Favor with their goddess.

  • The Damned Child is a playable character, requiring an individual to make a Conditional CA for one. The CA will be denied if the Witch who birthed them ever dies, and the Damned Child will become a mortal person once again.
  • If the Witch attempts to harm the child in any way, they lose the Dark Pact. The Damned Child however, remains in their poor state until the Mother is slain.

Body of the Witch

The price of a God’s intervention in your casting however does not come without sacrifice. Whereas a Enigma Magi may grow physically vulnerable or weaker from many sessions casting their spells, the Witches suffer egregious modifications to both their physical body and mental state. You see, the exchange and connection to that of The Dark One is not a fair deal for both sides. The sickening banes of the Darkened Goddess slowly whittle away at the mind, spirit, and body of each of her connected followers with every single ritual which one may cast. An idle drain of the essence in one’s soul which often leaves the Truthseeker relatively worse off than how they may have started. Though of course, with each spell the very minds of the Witch morph along to make them nothing but grateful for their incantations as their lust for power and influence in the world slowly expands further and further. The progression of this madness goes as follows:

All forms of Magic come with a price. An Enigma Mage grows physically vulnerable from the strain of their casting, Darkspawn slowly cease to function as living entities. Witches, however, begin to undergo a mental strain and malformation of the body as they progress through the four stages of progression. Their physical alterations and mental strain combine to form a number of mental illnesses within the Witch, drawing them closer to madness with each casting of their Liturgies.

  • A Basic Witch undergoes no physical alterations just yet, The Dark One’s influence only just now beginning to worm its way within the dark corners of the Witch’s mind. Paranoia begins, still in its early stages and oftentimes negligible.
  • An Adept Witch begins to undergo the first instances of physical changes. Yet minor and allowing them to maintain the relative beauty they might have had previously; a single mole appearing, fingernails growing faster and sharper, hair becoming a hassle to upkeep, etcetera. Mentally however, this pales in comparison to the mental backlash received. Now undergoing phases of mania, they develop disorders such as Depression, PTSD, Bipolar, ADHD.
  • An Expert Witch undergoes larger physical deformities, such as crooked teeth, wrinkles, and other more noticeable imperfections. The mental drawbacks of the Witch have reached their height, voices sounding in their mind - unknowingly of their own design. Each action they take, mocked. Told constantly that they fail in each task they attempt, and urged to do better. Their mind begins to delve into more proper insanity and ruin.
  • A Master Witch undergoes no further mental changes, having already reached the utter limits that their mind could handle. Their body changes one last time, now a hideous malformation of an individual, with grayed skin and a hunched back. This appearance is very distinct to any onlookers, capable of being hidden via the Witch’s Liturgies only.


The Four Ranks

To judge the progression of a Truthseeking Witch, four Ranks are given in accordance with the base magic rules. Basic, Adept, Expert, and Master spellcasters. A Truthseeker must abide by their Rank for a minimum of Two Months, allowing them to become a Master Truthseeker at six. Each Rank achieved grants the Spellcaster access to a new list of abilities:

  • Basic Witch | A Witch’s Bog, A Witch’s Familiar, A Witch’s Cauldron
  • Adept Witch | Poison, Hex, Pestilence Surge
  • Expert Witch | Disguise Self, Eye Of The Witch, True Sight
  • Master Witch | Soul Forging, Soul Puppet, Beast Shape


Magical Abilities


The Liturgies present in a Witch’s arsenal span mostly across the domains of curses, poisons, and rituals. Not a single instance of magic exists to which a Witch does not require careful planning and preparation. Each and every Liturgy however is marked within a Witch’s Grimoire, though unable to be utilized until the Witch is of the appropriate Rank, having gained the practical knowledge to manage the magic. Additionally, no Liturgies of a Witch have any specific emote time, merely taking a careful and steady hand in order to perform its given ritual.

A Witch’s Liturgies fall under three distinct categories. The first of which are their Creation Spells; uses of magic for the creation of their magical items, homes, and familiars. The second lay as their Curse Spells; uses of magic for the harming of others in more long term detriments. The last lay as their Alteration Spells; uses of magic to change their body for their own benefit, such as disguising themselves.

[ A Witch’s Bog ]

Rank: 1 |

Description: One of the Witch’s Creation Liturgies, this allows for them to cast their home in the midst of a dense fog, intending on keeping those seeking to harm the witch away through means of deceit and illusions. This will bring an area fifty meters out from the Witch’s home to be covered in fog, provided no others have homes within the same space. Anyone who enters such will find shapes darting around them, noises and screams heard only to them, and other various oddities occurring intended on dissuading further venturing.


  • One must OOCly contact a Witch in order to enter their Bog, so they may properly roleplay the effects of this Liturgy.
  • This Liturgy may not be directly harmful, but may do actions such as attempting to trick someone into walking off a cliff by themselves, etc.
  • It’s not impossible to make it through this fog; if one arrives in the center where the Witch’s home is, they will be free of its effects.


[ A Witch’s Cauldron ]

Rank: 1 |

Description: One of the Witch’s three Creation Liturgies, this allows for them to enhance a Cauldron using their Grimoire, to hold and possess souls. With no water within, one who glanced into the Cauldron would see a sea of agony swirling inside, and hear the screams of anguish cast by the trapped souls within.

Souls are added to the Cauldron any time the Witch kills a sentient creature. This works via a entrapping connection maintained by The Dark One, in which freshly killed souls are trapped through a rough connection and flung into stasis within a Witch's Cauldron. These trapped souls are used for later spells, and the Witch is responsible for keeping track of how many exist within their personal Cauldron.


    • If the Witch kills a player character, it doesn’t need to be a PK to constitute the soul being added.
    • This cauldron is still usable as a regular cauldron!
    • Killing sentient creatures in events counts to the soul count in the Cauldron.
    • The sentient creature must be larger than that of a grey wolf, and not incapable of true defense (such as trying to claim slaughtering MC Pigs/Cows counts to soul count)


[ A Witch’s Familiar ]

Rank: 1 |

Description: The last of the Creation Liturgies, a Witch may enhance a small natural animal to become their familiar. The Dark One’s magic is, in part, placed within the animal to grant it supernatural abilities of varying degree per animal. A rodent that seems to be able to appear and disappear without being noticed; a frog that talks. A cat capable of both and more - many ways of viewing this spell exist, and none are wrong so long as the changes do not provide real benefit to the Witch.


  • Other spells exist that can enhance a Witch’s familiar. If these are not used, the Familiar cannot be used in combat.
  • The Familiar is bound to the Witch, and will die within a day if the Witch dies.


[ Poison ]

Rank: 2 |

Description: The first Curse Liturgy of the Witch; this allows one to consume one of the souls within a Witch’s Cauldron, pooling it into a vile and casting magics over it to grant it the look of a normal potion. Any who drink such a concoction however, begin to suffer detrimental effects starting immediately on the next hour. At first, it begins as paranoia. Then profuse sweating. Within a day, constant dehydration begins - and a general sickness settles in, leaving the victim weaker and weaker until they would die on the fifth day.

Any Witch may use this same spell and method to create an Antidote for this poison instead. Additionally, the uses of Clerics and Paladins may aid in the removal of this cursed poison.


  • How the Witch gets someone to consume this Poison/Antidote does not matter.
  • The Victim has a total of seven days (one week) to either get themselves cured or perish.
  • Mundane medicines will do nothing to cure this illness, certain alchemicals might though.


[ Hex ]

Rank: 2 |

Description: The second Curse Liturgy of a Witch, this spell allows them to cast out one of their tormented souls from their Cauldron to cling onto an individual of their choice, causing any one of a number of downsides to affect them.

The Witch may cause the person to experience constant Nightmares each night they rest, or they may cause the person to experience a near constant fatigue any time any level of physical activity. Lastly, they may cause someone to go blind in a single eye, leaving it faded and grayed.


  • The effects of this spell last for 3 IRL days.
  • This spell can only affect a single person once, so multiple Witch’s(Or just one) cannot stack this spell on someone.
  • Clerics may purge the effects of this spell.


[ Pestilence Surge ]

Rank: 2 |

Description: The last of the Witch’s Curse Liturgies, they may bring two souls from their Cauldron, along with various other herbs and plants, to create a brew carrying a disease. Though to make this potion, they must have a piece of someone who was afflicted by the disease that they would like - such as the hair of one who had the disease. The Witch must, additionally, get the individual to drink this disgusting brew by their own hand. They cannot threaten or force the person to drink it, but tricking/lying is alright.


  • Though born of magic, the disease placed on the victim follows all redlines of the disease in question, curable by all the same methods.
  • The disease created cannot be of a magical nature.


[ Disguise Self ]

Rank: 3 |

Description: The first and most useful of a Witch’s Alteration Liturgies, this allows them to cast an illusion over themselves to once more regain their lost beauty. All physical deterioration of being a Witch goes away, at least visually. This can be used to make themselves look like they did before, or like any other humanoid woman of their size so long as it is an original appearance and not copied.

Witches who use this Liturgy will find that their illusion does not expand to their reflection. Mirrors, water, and the like will all reflect the Witch as the ugly hag they are.


  • This Liturgy lasts for 1 IRL Day.
    • The Witch cannot look like a pre-existing character/NPC
    • The Witch’s disguise does not expand to reflections of herself.


[ Eye of the Witch ]

Rank: 3 |

Description: The second Alteration Liturgy, this allows a Witch to pull out their own eyeball - an incredibly painful process the first time it is done. In doing this, the eyeball remains in perfect shape, and can be left in places to spy, such as by the Witch’s front door, or in a hallway. The eye may be popped back into the socket at any point, still functioning as normal.


  • This spell lasts until the eye is placed back in its socket.
  • If left anywhere, a sign must be placed stating the eye’s presence.
  • If someone takes/destroys the eye, the Witch does not get a new one.
  • The Witch will not feel pain from the eye.
  • This spell may be cast in tandem with True Sight.


[ True Sight ]

Rank: 3 |

Description: The last of the Alteration Liturgies, a Witch with this spell is allowed to see through that of most magical boons, illusions, and mentalism. The Witches’ eyes would softly alight with an eerie murky yellow glow before ascertaining the ability to be protected from foolhardy magical tricks up to that of a Divine level. In some cases of Master Witches, one may even be able to use True Sight to look into the very memory of a singular target they look at.


  • This spell can last for up to 20 emotes.
  • This spell can look through all magical illusions, ward mental tampering, and see through most boons cast by anything below that of a Divine level.
  • This spell may be cast in tandem with Eye of the Witch.
  • With OOC consent, a Witch can use True Sight to read the mind of a target at the surface level of thoughts.


[ Soul Forging ]

Rank: 4 |

Description: The greater Creation Liturgy of a Witch, this allows for them to forge a number of magical items through the Souls they have in their Cauldron. Though there is no strict limit on what can be made, as to do this is left to be discussed between the Witch and the LT, a few examples do exist:

Bag of Holding: Through the use of four souls in the Witch’s Cauldron, they may fashion a bag from the stomach of a bear or some other large animal. Objects that may fit within will vanish from sight until the owner of the bag reaches into it while thinking of the item. Alternatively: Bag of Devouring, which destroys non magical items placed within.

Snake Staff: Through the use of three souls, the Witch may turn a live snake into a staff - capable of turning back and forth between the two at a single command word.


  • A Witch, in using this liturgy, must contact ST with the item they intend on creation; if it works and fits the thematic of the magic, it will be possible.
  • A Witch can only have three items made at a time, regardless of who owns them. If they create a fourth, the oldest is made non-magical.


[ Soul Puppet ]

Rank: 4 |

Description: The Greater Curse Liturgy of a Witch, this allows them to create a doll of straw and clay resembling a humanoid. In doing this, they may apply any amount of the hair of their target individual onto the doll, and cast their Liturgy in the form of a doll at the expense of two of their collected Souls.

This forms a bond between the Witch and the Humanoid target, with the doll acting as a medium between them. So long as the Witch maintains a grip on the doll, any actions taken onto their own body will translate to the afflicted individual, from cuts to burns, so on and so forth.


  • The connection between Witch and the Target lasts up to an hour, and dispels early if the Witch drops her doll.
  • The connection between a Witch and the Target can be dispelled by use of Clerical magics.
  • When forming a connection with a target, they must be online and must be messaged that they would suddenly begin feeling ill, beyond what is normal.
  • Whilst intensive grievous injury can be caused via this spell, doing something such as ripping off the doll's head (or any other action which would immediately or very soonafter lead to the target's death) will not translate over unless the player consents.
  • Do to the nature of this spell, good villainy is heavily implied and cracked down on. Witches going and collecting hair dolls to instant-murder anyone for the smallest grievances could lead to possible MA revoking or LT warnings.


[ Beast Shape ]

Rank: 4 |

Description: The Greater Alteration Liturgy of a Witch, it allows for them to consume the heart of a beast to alter their body into a warped amalgamation of flesh, roughly resembling their chosen monster. This must be an Owl, a Bear, or a Wolf, and requires for the Witch to obtain the heart of one of these creatures prior.

The Witch may consume the Heart to begin the transformation, causing their body to warp and shift into a variant of what they chose over five emotes. At a plain view, they would appear an animal like any other, though any form of combat in this form would reveal their hardened skin, able to take multiple strikes before being broken through. Their claws would be sharpened to be akin to knives themselves.

Alternatively, the Witch may form a concoction using the hearts of each of the three beasts, a bloodied substance that when consumed will allow the Witch to grant a form of this spell onto their chosen Familiar. This familiar will grow much larger, with a more ragged appearance. Their teeth and claws will sharpen, and their body will harden against basic strikes. The Familiar will lose most sense of reason other than the ability to adhere to basic commands, and exist only to strike out at those the Witch pleases. The Witch must spend her action each turn to control her Familiar.


  • The Witch may stay in this form as long as she likes, but must recast upon leaving.
  • The Witch may not speak in this form.
  • The Witch may not cast magic in this form, except to leave it.
  • There should be some telltale sign of the Witch’s identity, from a mark on the creature to wearing a classic pointy hat!
  • If cast on a Familiar, it lasts for one hour. The Witch must remain present with it to control it, but may be hidden out of sight.


The Witch Covens and Sacred Sacraments

Witch’s are not required to do so, but those who seek further understanding of the Dark One and the powers they serve often form into a Coven. This allows for them to combine their Favor into one larger pool depending on how many join them, using their Liturgies collectively. This allows for certain Liturgies to spread their use to any other Witch’s within their respective coven. Eye of the Witch for instance, allows all Coven Witch’s to see through it while it is removed from the original Witch’s head. All Coven Witch’s may command a Witch’s Familiar, though it will always heed its creator above any of the others. A Witch may always see through the illusions of fellow Witch’s within their coven, including their Bog and Disguise Liturgies.

Lastly, a Witch Coven gains access to three new abilities referred to as their Sacred Sacraments, provided the Coven exists with at least three Witches of Master Rank or higher. On casting any of these abilities, a total of three Favor must be spent from their now collective pool. None of these spells may be performed in the midst of combat, though may have adverse effects on it after the initial casting.

[ Undertow ]

Description: Undertow is the first of the three Sacred Sacraments available to a Witch Coven. This Creation Liturgy is considered to be the most vile of all of their Liturgies, as the Witch’s each bring their cauldrons together - only to shatter them. In doing so, they release all of their collective souls at once to a devastating effect.

Mechanics: If a Witch’s Coven performs this Sacred Sacrament, each soul they have collected will spew out in a raging torrent before dispersing harmlessly at first. The effects of this spell aren’t immediate, but within a week, strange occurrences would begin in the region the Sacrament was performed. Animals would begin to appear with warped or malformed appearances, plots of land would grow rotten and unable to grow. Eventually, as the souls properly settled, they would be trapped here - forced to inhabit random animals or objects before they lash out at the world. Scarecrows would begin to move in their fields, dead bodies would rise as new half-dead souls filled them, animals would start attacking people.

This Sacrament is long term and devastating, with the area growing more difficult to cure depending on exactly how many souls were released - a minimum of thirty required to perform this Liturgy to begin with. Paladins may cleanse this area through the forceful purging of all of the souls as they inhabit objects or creatures, or Clerics may perform spells to cleanse the land. If the objects the souls inhabit are destroyed, or the creatures killed by normal means, the Souls will remain and merely seek something new to inhabit.


  • An ET/LT must act as the DM for the performance of this spell.
  • The Witch’s themselves are by far safe from this spell. As a rule of thumb, the released dead hate the Witch’s and will target them over any others.
  • Individually, the bodies that the dead inhabit are not strong by any means. One well placed blow could tear them apart. Their ferocity comes both in numbers and the fact that they will continue to return until properly cleansed.

[ Dark Summons ]

Description: A Curse Liturgy, this Sacred Sacrament allows for a Witch’s Coven to perform a ritual in order to conjure a creature to their location. This could be anything from a monster, to a person, or even to a greater creature relevant in lore. This spell may not summon gods or anything of that nature or greater.

Mechanics: This Spell must be cast around a prepared circle, at least three Witches present to perform the ritual. Within their circle they will place either a body of the race of creature they wish to summon, or a specific item relating to the creature - such as a piece of it, or a weapon personal to them. The Witches must spend an hour in prayer to their Patron, chanting over the object or body before their target would be summoned before them in a flurry of smoke and flame.

They have no control over their summoned target once the spell is cast. Additionally, if the target is a player character or an actively used NPC, they may be told no to the casting of this Sacrament by any involved party.


  • If this Sacrament is cast using a body, it will break into dust soon after it is seen by the conjured individual.
  • This spell must have the consent of the Player/ET if it’s used on an actively present character. This does not necessarily mean it’s the consent of the Character themselves, though it can be.

[ Elder Hag ]

Description: The ultimate Alteration Liturgy, this Sacred Sacrament allows three Witches to perform a ritual to wave farewell to the nearly dead. A Witch, shedding their mortal body in place for only their twisted soul at the end of their life, be it by age or disease.

Mechanics: This ritual requires four Witches - three to perform the ritual, and one to receive it. The one receiving the Sacrament must be a Witch on the verge of death already. This cannot be a death brought on by the Witches present, such as a sacrifice, but through age or disease only. Through the casting of this spell the Witch will lose their life, leaving their soul behind and becoming an ‘Elder Hag’. The three who perform this Sacrament must expend every soul within their Cauldrons, infusing them into their Elder and empowering their weakened soul until it gains a proper form once again.

The Elder Hag is not a living creature in the traditional sense. It is a beast, truly. A shapeless mass of dark energy with speed and power untold. In physical might, they are comparable to a Darkspawn in their Greater Form - though their true strength comes in their heightened magic. The ability to form spells untold to other Witches, making deals, causing death outright, and true forms of destruction all come with ease to this newly created fragment of a Witch. Redlines:

  • An ET/LT must act as the DM for the performance of this spell.
  • The Witch who becomes an Elder Hag must already be nearly dead(Within an IRL Day) of dying from disease or old age already.
  • Elder Hag PK’s, and is no longer controlled by the Player.
  • The exact abilities and limitations of an Elder Hag are left for an ET’s interpretation. As a general rule of thumb, they are viewed almost akin to biblical demons in their various powers. Their very presence in a region may cause bad omens to appear.
  • An Elder Hag maintains a mind and thought processes, but they often refuse to speak unless to make a deal with someone.
  • Elder Hag’s are vile, evil creatures to all but other Witches, who they consider like children. That does not mean they will not kill a Witch if they try anything against the Hag.



  • Witches of The Dark One offer a wide range of utility, and a unique system of liturgies and rituals which offer to help delve into the darker subsects of generalized Dark Wiccan Truthseeking. Whether it be Hexing, Cursing, Forging Weapons, the magic exists to fill a niche for that form of plague doctor archetype. In terms of general summarized redlines and other tidbits they go as follows:
  • Aesthetic actions, done in good faith in which no parties are hurt, and done in a way which makes proper sense, are completely fine.
  • Any spells that greatly affect the landscape, such as some Sacred Sacraments, require RO Consent if used on a region tile.
  • By attaining Witchdom, you are no longer able to gain any other magics. The only exception would be Feats which may be applicable to one’s race (E.q. Fel Flame/Golemancy).
  • A Witch must ensure to follow the proper guidelines outlined in the appropriate rank as for their physical form.
  • You may not cast a spell without properly practicing and researching said spell through RP means, whether this be via lessons from a teacher or going out into the world to study how the mechanics of such spell could be easily executed.
  • For the sake of moderation tracking, ease of access, and for one’s own benefit, it is highly suggested that the player keeps their persona’s Favor Value in their persona prefix.
  • Attempts to maliciously and knowingly powergame, loophole, or generally provide a low standard of RP with this and any other magic may lead to one’s MA being revoked.