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Artwork by Alkhv
Rarity: Common
Type Of Plant: Bush
Primary Uses: Spice, Smoking
Region: Tundra


Wintermint is a pleasantly blue plant which looks very much like the normal mint from which it gets its name. Even when dried, the leaves remain a pale blue, easily distinguishing it from pipeweed, if its smell didn't. It's unknown how exactly wintermint came into existence, but many theorize that the winter elves themselves created it to keep heartthaw away. The truth of it is unknown, however, except for the fact that it exists, and it most certainly keeps the cold hearts of the winter elves frozen. Beyond this effect, the minty, wintry herb tastes delicious, and has the same effects as pipeweed, being a destressor. It is also addictive in the same way pipeweed is, requiring a d100 roll every time it is used. Get below an 80, and you become addicted, and those who go without for more than six hours or so get irritable and antsy. It takes an age to kick these effects, but the desire to smoke or chew more will remain with the user for life.


Wintermint has a friendly blue color.


Wintermint only barely flowers, with small purple flowers close to the stems once an age.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

Wintermint is a daylight plant, requiring all the energy it can soak up in the cold tundra days.


Wintermint can be used, very sparingly, as an extremely strong, cold minty spice. Apart from this, it is typically smoked, much like pipeweed is. Many prefer wintermint for its excellent smell, and some enjoy a mix of the two herbs.


Wintermint can only be planted in cold climates, like the tundra the elves who favor it so like living in. For this reason, it has become one of the Ie's primary exports, apart from the bits of animals they hunt in the tundras.

Wintermint grows in great big bushes, and needs a good three feet radius to spread out without planting other seeds.

Growth Rate
Wintermint grows fairly quickly, being able to be trimmed, and thus harvested, three times an age, and generally about two pounds of wintermint leaves per harvest. Each cigar. the most common way of smoking them, uses about three grams of wintermint.