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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Drachev
Symbols: The Forging Hammer, a Golden Pipe.
Followers: All Drachev
Other Names: The Old One, Otets Drachev, The Wanderer

Vykovat is generally regarded well by all of dwarf kind, though he does not act in the way that the rest of the dwarven gods do. Vykovat does not grant his followers anything, nor does he seek to gain followers at all. Nonetheless, all Karmeny (and many Gorney) pay homage to him with the gold pipes they carry, the Gorney honor him with the good friends and family they create, and the Glubokiy follow in his footsteps by uncovering Truths. Vykovat himself is an extremely old being, who has seen almost all of the world, and yet always wants to see more, and always wants to discover more and varied forms of construction. Though he normally wanders from place to place getting in adventures and seeing new things, he hasn't been seen for about thirty ages...


Vykovat has influence over everything his three children, Karmeny, Glubokiy and Gorney do.


Vykovat, though extremely personally powerful, does not share any of this power with followers. He has power in the same ways as all of his children, though he is slightly less skilled at any individual of the powers that his children have.


Vykovat's artifacts are always curious objects, extremely specific sorts of things to solve a specific problem, and usually not in the way that the person receiving it would expect. Sometimes, it is an item which appears completely useless until the exact situation arises in which it is a perfectly suited magical implement. He usually collects these items after they've been used, and after someone has learned a valuable lesson.


There are thousands of stories of Vykovat, wandering around, having adventures, showing up at odd points in history. He very frequently shows up in disguise, though he physically walks the face of Gaia rather than teleporting, meaning that historians have been able to trace where he logically would have been, and string together stories. Some people decry this as being a terrible method, but it is as good as anything, and he shows up out of disguise just frequently enough to lend the theory a solid air of plausibility. Another through line is that he teaches lessons to people when he shows up through his actions, and "Vykovat's Fables" is a genre of stories meant to teach lessons based on the historical fact of Vykovat wandering around and doing this.