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Artwork by Unknown
Thai Vo
Domain(s): Water
Symbols: Stylized Wave, Ocean
Followers: Sailors, mostly.
Other Names: The Endless Depths

Vilias is said to be able to feel and control the entire oceans, which if true would almost make him bigger in scope than even Gandhor. Though, when usually presenting himself to Gaians or other deific beings, his height ends up being dependent on the scope of the fight he brings himself too. His body is always crowned by a man-sized, deep blue crystal, though.


Sacrifice to Vilias: Like all elemental deities, Vilias enjoys the sacrifice of animals. Sacrificing animals, the larger the better, and cooking the flesh above an open fire until it's burnt away is a great ritual to attempt to contact Vilias, giving up to a plus three, depending on the size of the animal. Unusual or magical animals can give up to plus ten. They must be slaughtered and butchered, cooked and burnt all specifically for the sake of the deity, from start to finish.
Seafarer's Song: The Seafarer's song is an ancient tune, said to have even been sung by the ancients when they were young. Though the meaning of its words have been lost, it is unmistakably a sea shanty, and working a boat almost always seems to fall in rhythm with the workings of the boat. Singing this song counts as the ritual for a prayer to Vilias, and the more crewmen (or churchgoers) you have singing the song, the better. This ritual gives a plus one for every person who sings the song. They must know the words to the ancient tune.
Ritual of Purifying Water: This ritual is done by speaking a relatively short prayer, while submerged up to the neck in water. It is very simple, not even requiring an actual altar.


Vilias is reputed to have power over all the oceans, and the inhabitants thereof.


Vilias has complete control over the water, and is able to use it to devastating effect.


Vilias, on rare occasion, presses the ocean into solid, magical implements, which he passes down to specific mortals in important situations. They almost always behave as if they have extreme weight and density when they strike an opponent, despite feeling as if they weigh almost nothing in the hand of the wielder.


Vilias’ manifestation was a rather unpleasant one. Immediately upon coming to his senses, he was very aware that he would be forced to take sides in the fights that would be oncoming… that it was only a matter of time before someone began their attack. As such, Vilias often thought ill of most of the Elements besides Gandhor, and moved away to bide his time in the ocean blues, and amass allies and servants. At first the Elements found him ill-tempered and paranoid for no reason, though his over-protectiveness would turn out to be for his betterment.

In the night when Ralios quickly torched almost all of Gandhor’s creation, he was on a path to also set ablaze the entire ocean. Even though Ralios was normally weaker than Vilias, due to the pure power of the Fire Elemental on that night, had Vilias not laid the groundwork by gathering allies, he would have been reduced to clouds and steam. Luckily, he had though, and Vilias and his allies quickly rose from the seas at the commotion and came to Gandhor’s aid. Slamming his own scepter made from the heart of the sea straight into Ralios’ chest to subdue him and trap him until the raging deity could be calmed. In this moment, Ralios and Vilias birthed have an almost unending rivalry, always present throughout any one of their interactions.

While he was subdued, Ralios raged at Vilias, spreading forth his message that Zyzrasil condoned and created nothing but sheer evil in this world, but Vilias disagreed. Vilias believes in the ideal of Order more presently than any of the other Elementals. He asserted that where there was a need for light, there was a need for darkness too. As such, Vilias openly stated he would allow sanctuary for Zyzrasil within the deepest of his blue oceans, while Qhethys could shine her waters throughout the mornings and evenings. This of course spiraled Ralios into a further rage, completely abandoning any thought of natural thinking and only spearheaded his goal farther than any of the other Elements, and Vilias’ beliefs solidified all the same. This would only lead to massive battles between the duo throughout the oncoming millennia, seen almost as an endless conflict. It’s sometimes said that when rain comes down to pour out fires in the forest, that it simply represents a battle between Gandhor and Vilias somewhere within the planes.