Uduru Root

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Artwork by Plantpassion
Uduru Root
Rarity: Rare
Type Of Plant: Tuber
Primary Uses: Religious Vision Quests
Region: Jungles


Uduru root grows a large bush above, and a large group of tuber-roots below, typically naturally found in jungles, though there are a few small greenhouses which grow the stuff. Many report that greenhouse-grown Uduru does not have "authentic" effects, though what this exactly means is largely up to the interpretation of the user.


Though the root is brown and barky, the bush which grows above is a deep green, with pointy, jagged-edged leaves.


Each Uduru plant grows one large, purple flower, usually about two feet wide. Generally speaking, once this flower has fully bloomed, the plant is ready to be harvested.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

Uduru root blooms at night, and stays open for the rest of its season.


Uduru root smells wonderful, and though it is an extremely finnicky and delicate plant, it is also considered very pretty and its deep purple coloring is highly desirable. Getting it to grow anywhere but in its native jungles is an extreme chore, however, and any prospective botanist should feel extremely accomplished should they manage to keep one of these things alive. The plant can be pulled up, and have its thick roots pruned, able to be minced and used in a tea bag. When specially prepared, by leaving it in the boiling water of a teapot for a full hour, Uduru tea can be made. This tea, when consumed, sends its users on unbelievable out of body trips, where they generally have spiritual visions, typically for hours afterward. Though it is not addictive, Uduru root will thoroughly change the person, making them more and more pacifistic on each use. After six uses, the person becomes fully incapable of murder, and usually becomes a vegetarian. After ten uses, they become incapable of violence against their fellows, even in self defense. After twenty uses, the person will become entirely incapable of willingly committing violence, even against the lowliest of vermin. These effects are not present for the Withered, who can use the Uduru root tea to trigger one of their visions.


Uduru root can only be planted in jungle regions or specially climate controlled greenhouses, and is extremely difficult to keep alive even under the best of conditions. It simply doesn't respond well to being grown in captivity, for some reason, despite that it can grow in the wild.

Uduru root always grows in singular bushes.

Growth Rate
It takes three ages for an Uduru root to be harvestable, and is only so once its large purple flower has bloomed. Harvesting it results in, typically, about four pounds of the root, and one use of the root for tea uses an ounce of Uduru.