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Artwork by stonesnsilver
An Array of Polished Turquoise Stones
Rarity: Rare
Color: Turquoise, cut with other blues
Primary Use: Water Enchantments


Turquoise is a rare gemstone, prized for its unusual looks. It is opaque, and thus only the relative quality of the markings and its weight play into its value. Turquoise is valued both by people seeking it for jewelry and for enchantments having to do with water.


Generally speaking, when a gem is used for enchantments, it is either embedded into the metal of the weapon while it cools, or crushed into a fine powder and incorporated into the metal itself as it is forged.

General Use

Turquoise is so valued by enchanters that people who seek it for jewelry have a relatively hard time of finding it. This is because, while turquoise is not great for weaponry or armor, it does have a fantastic array of uses which are applicable in civil circumstances. Mills ran with enchanted water wheels that spin with greater force, buckets and implements which purify water, and flasks of infinite water are among the many uses for the stone in civilian purposes.

Weaponry and Armor

Though turquoise is not great for making weapons more effective, they are great for making them better off in the water. Even a suit of plate mail so enchanted can help a user underwater, rather than harm them.


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