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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Uncommon
Color: Black
Primary Use: Jewelry and Armor



Originally used for the creation of simple jewelry, Tungsten has made strides in recent years to become the premier material for heavy armor sets. Believed by early smiths to be unmeltable, jewelry was made by chipping and drilling into a small mass until somewhat visually appealing. Through the use of new techniques, it was discovered that Tungsten capable of melting, only at temperatures quadruple that of Iron.


The discovery of Tungsten’s smelting capabilities were rather late in the history of smithing due to rudimentary forges being unable to reach its melting point (6,192F, 3,422C). With new techniques available and hotter forging capabilities, Tungsten has become the most sought after material for basic armors. Even with its high consumer demand, Tungsten’s extraction and forging both require experienced professionals, which tend to be few and far between.

Weaponry and Armor

The use of Tungsten in combative situations heavily encompasses armor, with weapons typically being made of less dense materials. With Tungsten being a dense metal, armor created out of the material is rather heavy compared to the lightness of Steel. Accompanying the drawbacks of its heavy weight, Tungsten is the only basic armor capable of stopping bullets and crossbow bolts. Despite this capability, repeat trauma to the same area will cause the armor to fail and rip open.

Tungsten is rather incapable of holding an edge due to its pure density. Paired with its weight, 'sharp' weapons crafted of the material would handle more closely to a club or mace. While the material is capable of being made into weapons, doing so would be seen as quite a waste of the material.


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