True Heartwood

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Etes H'evelm Heartwood
Rarity: Mythical
Color: Red
Primary Use: Creation of Magical Implements


This substance is known as Etes H'evelm Heartwood, or Heartwood of the World Tree. The magical potential of this wood is near-limitless, and artifacts made of it are only spoken of in myths and legends, gifted to legendary heroes from powerful beings. It is purported to take a deep, rich, red color, warm to the touch, and still alive. When a tool made with True Heartwood has served its purpose, so the stories say, the wielder will know, and every person who has reported having the feeling has planted it into the ground, at which time it immediately grows into a massive, ancient-seeming oak in the space of hours. Supposedly this is how the first Mytus tree was created, and all after it are children of the first one.


Items created of True Heartwood themselves never need to be forged into a new form. When something made of True Heartwood is put into the world, it is always done so in its final form though, enchantments and other pieces may be fitted onto it. The True Heartwood haft of the famed Dreadspear of Tythus, for example, was gifted to Tythus without its calamite swordspear point, nor the thousand myriad enchantments placed upon it.

General Use

There is no such thing as a general use of True Heartwood, only the specific use which the item was generated for. These specific uses are, generally speaking, extremely singular, such as destroying a particularly evil being, or averting an invasion in the Hoard. There are a very few True Heartwood tools and weapons which are more general-purpose, but only to the point of being good for anything the tool it is shaped in is for.

Weaponry and Armor

Any piece of weaponry or armor made with this wood is undoubtedly to be a piece which will go down in the history of the world at large. There have been all sorts of different weapons and armor made of True Heartwood, though historically speaking, the most common use is single arrows made wholly of True Heartwood and intended to kill a single target. It is said that such an arrow, fired at its target, will unerringly find its heart and steal its life.


There are no known True Heartwood Artifacts on Anoma, though there have been several stories about an unclaimed True Heartwood tool left on a faraway continent, gathered from wayward Sea Giants.