Trapper’s Madness

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Trapper's Madness
Disease Type: Bacterial
Hosts: Small Game, humans
Severity: 9/10


Very rarely spread from the bite of, or from consuming, small game animals


Being bit by someone affected by it has a very small chance of spreading it, while being bit or eating an infected small animal has distressingly high odds of spreading the illness unless thoroughly cooked through. Morlockes and Snotlings also frequently carry the disease.

Common Carriers

Small game, like raccoons, beavers, rabbits, jackrabbits and the like.


Lies dormant in the body for months after a bite, typically between two and three months, before symptoms start to materialize. Generally, symptoms start with a tingling of the scalp, which rapidly progresses into a thorough itchiness and hair loss, partially as a result of itching. The sensation will spread through the person’s body, and they generally feel aggressively compelled to itch, resulting in sores and reddened, irritated patches of skin. These symptoms will last throughout the rest of the patient’s life. After about a month of this itchiness, the infected will begin to suffer hallucinations and light sensitivity, and eventually they’ll begin to experience intense paranoia, though whether this is a result of believing those around them to be hideous monstrosities or merely “out to get them” largely depends on how late in the infection the subject is, with those in the latest stages being unable to perceive anything in the world as it actually is. Six months into the infection, almost all traces of the person’s initial identity will be lost, and the person will be reduced to an almost feral state, becoming extremely aggressive and territorial, with just enough wits left to set traps and use weaponry. Strangely, they tend to draw closer and more friendly with their fellow infected people, leading to terrifying stories of small communities of trackers who all ate the same infected animals, and turned into a demented community of mountain-dwelling kidnapper/cannibals.


The disease, without magical intervention, will always progress to its final stages.


Only magical panaceas or powerful Truths can cure the disease.