Touch of Filth

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Touch of Filth
Disease Type: Viral
Hosts: All but Beastfolk or Rehk
Severity: 7/10


Typically Rehk-Ug or beastfolk colonies, or from sewage.


It is very infectious, through ingestion, inhalation injection, or mere contact with infected fluids.

Common Carriers

Rehk-Ug and Beastfolk, most commonly those of the Caves, whether intentionally or not. Many sewer-dwelling vermin also carry the disease.


Generally asymptomatic for about a week, wherein the disease is non-contagious. After this week, intense flu-like symptoms begin to appear, including coughing, sneezing, runny nose, body aches, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, and a high fever is also typically present. These symptoms run their course over the course of the following two weeks, usually growing worse for about five days, after which the symptoms plateau for a day or two, then retract until they’re gone in the following week.


Though not usually deadly if the subject doesn’t get ill enough that they can continue to feed themselves, or if they merely have a community who can help them through the illness, the fact that it is so thoroughly infectious can make the illness far more serious, sweeping through whole communities and leaving them bedridden for about a week during the worst of the epidemic. Oftimes Rehk and Beastfolk have used this to their advantage, spreading the illness into a besieged settlement, waiting about a week, and then attacking when the plague is at its worst.


Prevention is the best cure, as those who eat plenty of citrus are not nearly as hard-hit by the disease. In addition, quarantining those who get sick and boiling well water, the most common introduction point in settlements, can sharply help to reduce the spread of the illness. There are several healing Truths which can cure the illness, and magical panaceas work just as well on the Touch as they do any other illness.