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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Very Common
Color: Silvery when Raw
Primary Use: Alloys


Tin is an extremely common, and fairly soft material. It is not generally considered a useful metal on its own, being too soft to use for weaponry or even everyday use. On the other hand it is extremely useful for making all sorts of alloys, including bronze and pewter, both used in households all over Gaia.


Tin is generally not forged on its own, but when it is, it is fairly easy to do so. Tin doesn't have a particularly high melting point, and it is fairly soft, allowing one to form it in some part even when it is completely cold. Generally speaking it is used in alloys such as bronze, instead.

Weaponry and Armor

Now that iron and steel have been discovered, tin has essentially no use in weaponry or armor. Steel and iron are simply far better choices.


There are no tin Artifacts on Anoma, perhaps you can change this.