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Rarity: Uncommon
Type Of Plant: Flowered Thornbush
Primary Uses: Alchemical Solutions
Region: Originated in Rehkara, Extremely Invasive


Thornpetal can easily be mistaken from afar for simple rosebushes from its small, fragrant red bulbs, but anyone who has gotten close can easily tell the difference. Rosebushes have relatively small, ineffective thorns, whereas thornpetal has vicious, 3 inch long razor-edged thorns, which take on the same blood-red hue as their flowers. As another difference, they do not grow nearly so tall as rosebushes, only getting to about six feet at their tallest, but they are far thicker and more resilient plants, with thick, barky brambles that are difficult to chop through. In nature, the rage that the venom these thorns produce causes helps the plant to spread, as enraged, frothing animals will sometimes attack the plant, spreading its branches around, many of which will take root.


Small green leaves and red flowers, brown, barky stems, and bloodred, inches-long thorns.


Thornpetal flowers rather impressively, becoming largely covered in the bulbs of its flowers. They have a sweet, flowery fragrance which is not unlike that of a rose, but significantly stronger.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

Thornpetal is all about the sunlight, its bulbs opening in the early morning and closing in the evening as the sun sets.


While the thorns can be harvested and used for alchemical creations which cause rage, the bushes themselves have often been used as a natural defensive measure. Specifically growing the plant up walls and cliff faces makes those paths to any fortification essentially impassable. The brambles are thick and twisting, and even people in heavy armor can find the smallest branches of the brambles sticking through the holes in their plate. While walking through a few meters of the brambles aren't too terrible, getting through a small field and then climbing a wall at the end is nigh impossible, especially when the mind-altering venom begins to act on the person, driving them slowly but surely into a mad, frothing rage. The few who make it through these are typically too maddened to be a competent threat to the defenders.


Branches of Thornpetal can be planted almost anywhere, and if they get a little bit of water and sunlight, they'll take root and start to grow. It is an extremely aggressive and invasive species.

Thornpetal will grow extremely densely. Plant it however you like.

Growth Rate Thornpetal grows fairly quickly, at a rate of about an inch a day once it has taken root. It grows laterally more quickly, however, at a rate of two or three inches a day. Most of the Old World has people specifically to burn back their Thornpetal once or twice a year.