The Wailing Boils

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The Wailing Boils
Disease Type: Bacterial
Hosts: Humans
Severity: 4/10


Contracted from extended contact with demons


When a boil pops, it lets out an aerosolized spray of bacteria. Those who come into contact with this bacteria contract the boils.

Common Carriers

Any being who travels to the Demonic Steppes can be contaminated with these, and any demon can carry this.


Once infected, the subject will begin to run a low-grade fever almost immediately as their body begins to attempt to fight the infection. Their lymph nodes will begin to swell, and they will break out into cold sweats at random. After a few days of this, they will begin to develop painful, swollen boils on their skin, which will grow and swell till they’re about two inches in diameter. When they get as large as they’re going to, the skin begins to strain painfully, until finally it bursts, spewing its fluids with a hideous shriek of high-pressure release, leading to the name of the disease. Secondarily, such a thing is extremely agonizing, leading its victims to let out a wail as it bursts in concert with the boils’ shrieks. Generally speaking, the whole process lasts only two months before the body fights the bacteria off, leaving the person with a rictus of scars, but not much else in the way of debilitation.


Though agonizing and contagious, this is not usually deadly.


If you realize you’ve been infected before the boils start to grow, drinking daily doses of pure beet juice until the fever and chills stop will stop the disease in its tracks. If it progresses to the point that boils start forming, the only option is magical cures, or to simply wait it out.