The Starving Gods

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Artwork by ** ALI3N **
The Starving Gods
Domain(s): The Void’s border with Niwaedu
Symbols: Mouths, Eyes, Tendrils
Followers: A couple of stray cults
Other Names: They-Who-Watch, देअथ्

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

जुम्प्, जुम्प्, जुम्प्, जोइन् उस, पुश थें ओफ़्फ़्, वे चालल योउ, ओबेय्, जुम्प् वोर्म! थे हुङ्गेर,इत पैन्स मे,थे हुङ्गे"


The Starving Gods reign supreme over the border between the Void and Niwaedu, but the actual sphere of their influence is far greater. They can send visions and messages in their strange tongue to anyone within Niwaedu, and can even, on special dates when the distances between the planes shrink, send these messages to other worlds.


Beyond the obvious strengths that come with being a planet-sized mass of teeth, tentacles, and eyeballs, the Starving Gods also possess the ability to send visions of themselves to any who are within their sphere of influence, the frequency and strength of them increasing the nearer one is to the Gods. Their power when compared to other divine entities is unknown, although, individually, their strength is great, even amongst divines.


The Starving Gods have no need or desire to make such trinkets, save for several smooth black stones, which, when held, amplify their ability to send visions to its holder, allowing a direct, stable line of communication. These rocks are scattered throughout Niwaedu, and are very rare.


The Starving Gods are the void’s only visible inhabitants, massive, planet-sized creatures, made of eyes, mouths, limbs, and tentacles. They are beings that live only to consume, the gods of forgotten worlds and planes that had devoured them whole. This matter was then repurposed to fuel their own forms, consuming so much so fast causing them to twist and distort, the consumers losing all fragments of their former selves as they lost control of the power at their disposal, it warping and twisting their bodies so that they were fit only for further consumption and to replicate the feeling of fullness that they felt when they consumed their worlds. And how that hunger has grown, in the long eons they have spent in the void, watching the plane of Niwaedu, and all those connected to it, and waiting. For if one Starving God makes a move for the plane, which happens frequently and often, another will move to stop them, seeking the prize to be theirs, the two becoming locked in a colossal battle until both parties are forced to break away. Such is the situation at the cusp of the void, all those who look on watching in horror as they see dozens of Starving Gods staring back at them, waiting for their time to strike. The whispering and visions that travelers had experienced earlier on their journey would multiple a hundredfold, all who stood in the presence of the starving gods being bombarded by whispers and visions in an ancient, animalistic tongue that they could somehow understand was urging them to jump and/or push their fellows into the void, and then make for the specific starving God. Pendants of Oldstone, dampen these whispers and visions and make them bearable, although prolonged exposure to them could still easily drive the viewer into insanity or compliance, especially when working in tandem with the clossalal scale of the beings in front of them.

The Starving Gods, for there are many of them, all come from different worlds, universes, backgrounds, and planes. Whether they once lived on since-devoured worlds of the creator dragon’s domain, or came from other, alien universes, they all share the same history, a history of bloodshed, hunger, and consumption. Some gods grow tired as eternity after eternity after eternity passess, their existences filled with naught but meaningless conflicts with their rivals. Either this boredom, or a desire to obliterate their divine enemies, eventually leads them to begin to crave, and lust, for greater and greater power, as well as improving and enlarging their form. To accomplish this, the god will consume the souls and beings of some foolish mortals who opposed them, and, when that is done, at least, in the future starving god’s case, it does not satiate them. They are driven further, and further, and further by their now ever-present hunger, eventually not even just consuming souls, but matter and energy itself. This new influx of material makes them strong, and powerful, but it does nothing to quench their thirst, instead only driving them to consume more and more and more. This drive almost certainly leads to the destruction and consumption of the world in which the god makes its home if they are not stopped by their fellows, which is an unfortunately rare occurrence. Not only does this hunger lead to the destruction of planes, it also corrupts the god who bears it. Their form becomes a mass of tentacles and mouths so as to make eating their quarry easier, and their minds become shells of what they once were, constantly racked with an ever-present desire to feed. Many of these gods become lost in the void, floating through it with nothing near them for billions of light years. A select minority of them, however, have been alerted to the mass, energy, and souls in our universe, and thus they have made their way to Niwaedu, its edge. It is there that they stay, each god being stopped from feeding on this new quarry by the others, who desire it just as much as them. Waiting and watching.