The Smiling Man

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Artwork by Unknown
The Smiling Man
Domain(s): Fa’ar and Alysi
Symbols: A smiling face, theater masks, the garb of a traveller, books
Followers: The odd cult, nothing major
Other Names: The Stranger, अस्तरोतः

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

हेल्लो फ़्रिएन्द्, ई अं अस्तरोत। दो नोत फ़ेअर्, चिल्द,ई चोमे इन पेअच।


If Fa’ar and Alysi were to have a ruler, it would be the Smiling Man. He is the only being of considerable power in both of these areas of the plane that is not a mindless creature of pure chaos, and seems to be fairly intelligent and command the respect of its inhabitants. Despite this, he seems to care not for the plane to which he is bound, nor its denizens, the being possessing an innate fascination with other dimensions, and those from them.


The Smiling Man may teleport freely and at will anywhere within Niwaedu, and wields a wide variety of truths that seem to be odd derivations from those used by other gods and beings, along with several completely alien ones.


Of these, the Smiling Man creates and gives plenty, almost all beings from different planes that he runs into being offered a souvenir of his. The way they are handed out is almost formulaic, further proof of the Smiling Man’s strangeness relative to his plane. While he stalks those new to Niwaedu, should one of them approach him, the being’s smile almost always grows wider, as his mouth opens and speaks in an indecipherable, eldritch tongue. The creature does not attack those who approach it, and merely attempts to converse with them in such a manner. After said attempt at a conversation had ended, the being typically leaves a “gift” (this could be the carcass of a dead animal, precious gemstones, anything along those lines) come the morn in the place where it had been. Touching this “gift,” or the being itself, is said to bring great, fatal misfortune to its unlucky victim. While this side effect is intentional or not is unknown, hidden behind the being’s smile.


The Smiling Man is Fa’ar’s most dangerous inhabitant, a pale, 6 ft tall alien creature who resembles a slim human, with a pure-white face that never stops smiling. The creature’s eyes are pure-black, and he wears robes and garb akin to that of which one might expect a traveller to don. Grymlochs, Porlochs, and the Shifted all fear him, and when he walks the planes of Fa’ar they scuttle, slide, or crawl out of his way as fast as they can. The Smiling Man can appear at will anywhere he wants to in Fa’ar, or Alysi, though he rarely strays that close to the void. The Smiling Man takes a deep fascination with those who visit Niwaedu, sometimes, rarely, following them at a distance after their first couple days within the plane, hovering near the edge of their camps, but never entering them, always staying in the shadows that surround them, silent, still, and watching. The Smiling Man does not speak the common tongue, although he appears to be intelligent and well versed in the secrets of the universe, instead speaking in an alien language present only in the visions of the Starving Gods. The Smiling Man rarely resorts to violence, and often merely studies and examines those around him with a gentle, inquisitive curiosity.

The origins of the Smiling Man, much like most other things in Niwaedu, is unclear and shrouded in mystery. The connection between him and the Starving Gods is clear, one only needs to hear the tongue he speaks for it to be obvious. Beyond that, however, things become more murky. Is he a servant of an already existing Starving God? Is he a Starving God that somehow managed to enter the plane unbeknownst to his compatriots? Or, perhaps, is he merely a lesser being from one of the worlds that they devoured that is fleeing in their wake.