The Living Storm

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Artwork by 000Fesbra000
The Living Storm
Domain(s): An Unknown Place in Fa’ar
Symbols: None
Followers: None
Other Names: MERCY, युग

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

"It's not inside the storm… it is the storm."


The Living Storm has almost complete influence over its domain, namely, the ground underneath it. It cares not for anything that is not near it, and, well, anything that is near it will soon be eaten by the storm.


It's the size of a hurricane, it's virtually indestructible, and it can eat basically anything it wants with impunity.


The Living Storm is mindless, and therefore cannot make items.


Over a certain part of Fa’ar, which is impossible to determine, because one cannot make a map of the Shifting Planes, a hurricane lies. A giant monster, so massive in size that it has taken the guise of a storm 20 miles in diameter. From a distance, it looks as if it were a normal hurricane, complete with rain, flashes of lightning, and the rest. As one grows closer, and the being looms over the horizon, it becomes obvious that it is no mere storm. One could see hundreds of blood-red limbs the size of giant trees reaching down from the storm clouds, breaking open the very earth itself to claw at the organic matter underneath it. These limbs then rise slowly back up into the stormcloud itself with their new prizes, feeding them to massive mouths the sizes of castles that appear in the storm clouds, shaped similarly to those of the Grymloch. As a viewer drew closer to the living storm, they could hear moaning coming from it as the monster engorged itself on the land underneath it, leaving it bare, dry, and barren. Shadows of the Storm’s hideous true form would be revealed in the clouds as it fed. Any travellers foolish enough to enter its domain would receive similar treatment to the land, no mortal creature being able to fend off the Storm.

Nobody is sure who, or what, made the living storm. It's not like you can ask it. Some say it was created as a byproduct of the chaotic energies of Niwaedu itself, others, who are more versed in the darker secrets of the plane, claim that it is a lesser Starving God that somehow broke free of its constraints in the void and made it to Niwaedu. More still claim it was once a lowly porloch, that grew in size and mass so fast that it eventually took the guise of the Storm. In truth, it is unlikely that the secrets of its origins will ever become known to mortals. In turth, the many different cults and scholars who tried to learn more about the Storm all only ended up joining their predecessors in its belly.