The Last Titan

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Artwork by Unknown
The Last Titan
Domain(s): The Soul Well
Symbols: Lost to the ages
Followers: Dead
Other Names: Unknown

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

“I kneel to you not for myself, nor in respect of you or your divinity. I kneel to you not to dishonor my kin, but to make it so that their folly does not result in the death of more innocents. I only pray that they will not forget my sacrifice for them.”

-The Last Titan’s last words on Gaia, which have since been long forgotten.

The Last Titan is the sole survivor of the Titan’s rebellion against the creator dragon, and, as punishment for his rebellious deeds, is imprisoned forevermore inside the Soul Well of Mevvet, his true name lost to the ages.


Due to his essence being imprisoned inside the Soul Well and forced to make it run, the Last Titan supposedly has no influence anywhere.


When he was still free, the Last Titan may have been the least powerful of his kind, but he was still a Titan. His power is now a mere fraction of what it once was, it being forevermore forced to churn the Soul Well. Should he somehow manage to free himself, however, he would really only be eclipsed by the strongest of the other gods, or a true dragon. The details of the Last Titan’s powers, and what he ruled over during his time on Gaia have been lost to time, and are largely irrelevant, as he likely will never emerge from the Soul Well. Even if he does, the many epochs he has spent within the vortex will likely have changed him to the point where his previous self would find him unrecognizable.


Most, if not all of the Artifacts that had once belonged to the Last Titan have either been destroyed or lost to time itself. A scant few still remain on Gaia, buried beneath mountains and oceans, or sealed away in long-forgotten crypts.


Before Armusians and Gravicans, before the Carribards sailed the seas, before even Anomalous and Sequestus, in a time when the Talidurians still walked on the surface of Gaia, a race of gods known as the Titans roamed the continent. But alas, the Titans had larger aspirations than ruling over the fickle mortals that inhabited their plane of existence. Being far more powerful than the gods that inhabit Gaia now, and far more free-spirited, they launched a rebellion against their creator, the creator, which was subsequently brutally and savagely crushed. The details of this rebellion are scant, and debated by the scant amounts of scholars, archeologists, and truth-wielders who know of its existence. Some argue that it was an attempt by the Titans to usurp the Creator Dragon, and thus take his place as the supreme master of the universe. Others claim that the Titans, had they succeeded, would’ve harnessed the Creator Dragon’s power to make a new universe, one more fitted to their own desires and aspirations than the one the Creator Dragon had made. Those with more romantic inclinations claim that the Titans rebelled for their creations, to protect the Talidurians, Hierophants, and first Rehks from the harsh world their master had made. This line of thought is dismissed in most discussions on the matter, however.

Regardless of the why, the vague details of the war are preserved, to those who know where to look, on various talidurian and heimphorant ruins and relics. The titans moved swiftly, and, by the end of the first age of the war, had seized control of the entire plane, brutally suppressing all those in their path. What scant allies the Creator Dragon had on the continent were crushed, and, for a time, it seemed as if the Titan’s rebellion might succeed. Then the Creator Dragon unleashed the Demons. Roaring hordes of flaming beasts the size of mountains were unleashed upon the mortal plane, with absolutely nothing stopping them from realising their full potential. The remainder of the war was a short, brutal affair. The demons tore through the very fabric of Gaia, laying waste to everything in their path, be it Titan, mountain, or man, their corruption destroying everything that they did not. And, while the Titans did score some scant victories, ending various greater demons whose names have been lost to history, these were overwhelmed by the sheer brutality and destruction caused by the demonic hordes. They had not come here to conquer the plane, but to destroy it, a task which they were doing incredibly well.

As the war entered its final stages, eventually, only the Last Titan remained, his stand to take place on the last continent of Gaia that was not rock, by the last sea that was not steam. But, unlike his kin, the Last Titan did not choose to make a final, fatal stand for that which he believed in. He bowed his head, called out to the Creator Dragon itself, and let himself be bound in irons and put to work forevermore in the Soul Well of Mevvet, with no hope of escape.