The Great Black Wing

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The Great Black Wing


“On death’s wings, it flies…” The Great Black Wing is Grytuss’ only direct progeny, a hideous scar on the world which exists solely to spread corruption, madness, death and disease. It is said to see it is to know madness, and to fall under its shadow is to know your own, unavoidable death is soon to come. There are stories of great heroes who have fallen under the beast’s shadow, and no matter how hard they fight, no matter what actions they take, the death so promised to them comes to collect. So well known is the Great Black Wing, that the very suggestion of its image has ill portents. Many plays, in the beginning of the first act, will have some sort of large black bird painted into the background, and if you see this, you know that the play will be the bleakest of tragedies. The symbol made by twining your thumbs and splaying your hands at a person is, in many cultures, a grave insult, asking for the Black Wing to visit them. In truth, a very few people have lived to see the Great Black Wing, and their descriptions survive to this day. It’s described as blacker than night, like a flying hole in reality, a rended tear straight through the fabric of reality into some terrible, endless void, while the edges of its form are rimmed with black flames which hungrily stretch into the world around, like fingers from the blackness attempting to pull more of our reality in with every beat of its titanic wings.


Portends Doom

Danger Level

Kills everything


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