The Forgotten

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Artwork by Manweri
The Forgotten
Rarity: Very Common
Location: The Courtyard
Behavior: Wailing, crying, and moaning. Not much else.
Danger Level: None
Strengths: May only be harmed by platinum, harpy’s or sphinx’s claws, silver, or truths.
Weaknesses: May not physically interact with anything, spend all of their time panicking and crying

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(The contents of this page are NOT common knowledge)

Very Common

Both the primary inhabitant and prisoner of Mevvet, the Forgotten are the many, many souls who fall to Mevvet from the Ferry of the Dead. Forgotten appear as translucent, ghostlike versions of their former selves, and are of all ages, races, walks of life, and even eras, the varying amount of time the fall to the plane takes meaning that its inhabitants could’ve been born epochs apart. What they are all united in, however, be they a mewling gravican baby clad in naught but a loincloth or a fearsome warrior of an alien species not yet known to any Gaian is a feeling of dread, loss, and fear. While they might have held misconceptions in their past lives about various afterlives to which they would go upon their death, the sad reality that all Forgotten know is that they did not make it. No god claimed them, and their deeds were not enough for them to earn a place there on their own merits. In short, what they have all come to realize, until that too is striped from them by the Library of the Forgotten, is that they have failed. They did nothing of worth with their life, and, soon, as a result of it, their very essence and being will be washed from existence. A true, final, irreversible death that they can do nothing to stop. This incredibly psychologically devastating realization causes most of the Forgotten to spend their precious few remaining phases of existence crying, moaning, wailing, or yelling angrily about their fates, as they aimlessly stagger and walk around the Courtyard, unable to physically interact with anything in their vicinity.

To make matters worse for the poor Forgotten, the thin, vaporous, colorful trails that rise from them are their very memories, which are slowly drained from them during their stay in the Courtyard until they have none left. For the Forgotten, this makes a very bad situation worse, the ghosts now not only having to deal with the emotional trauma of their impending demise, but also the panic of gradually losing their memories and being able to do nothing to stop it. Not only that, but any form of coming to terms with their fate that the Forgotten may have done will also, eventually, be robbed of them by the trails, making the sorrow they feel each day they spend in Mevvet be as potent as their first. After a Forgotten has been drained of all his memories, and they are safely stored in the Library of the Forgotten, a passing harpy will swoop down and pick them up with their talons, flying them over the Soul Well before sending them careening into it, finally putting an end to their miserable existence.

The Courtyard

They spend most of their time crying, wailing, and panicking about their impending doom or losing their memories. A few forgotten can manage to conduct conversations with their neighbors during their more sane moments, although these do not last for long. Very, very rarely, a Forgotten will try to mount an escape attempt, which almost always results in failure, be it the Forgotten forgetting his escape plan, or desire to escape, or it being stopped by the Harpies that watch from above.

Danger Level

May only be harmed by platinum, harpy’s or sphinx’s claws, silver, or truths.

May not physically interact with anything, spend all of their time panicking and crying