The Ferryman

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Artwork by Unknown
The Ferryman
Domain(s): The Alkestis
Symbols: The Alkestis, Hooded Robes, a Scale.
Followers: He has a small following of some of the more morbid Gravicans
Other Names: Death, The Judge

Primary Author(s): MagicTurtle

(While the name and basic characteristics of the Ferryman are common knowledge, the details are only known to those who have died or those who have read about the Ferryman)


The Ferryman is the protector of, and is all-powerful on the Alkestis, although he rarely does anything but slowly guide it through the cosmos. All else is inconsequential to the Ferryman.


The most obvious of the Ferryman’s powers are the ability to teleport those spirits that annoy or inhibit his work onto the opposite side of his ship, and his ability to keep the Alkestis running smoothly. It is safe to assume, however, that if stoways were found aboard his ship by him, they would not receive such a light scolding.


I suppose you could dub the Alkestis as an artifact of the Ferryman, although, besides that, he has none.


The Ferryman is a hooded, crouched, silent, shrouded figure, piloting the tiller of the Alkestis (also called the Ferry of the Dead) and guiding it through the murky blackness. He does not speak, or acknowledge the presence of those around him, instead quietly fulfilling the eternal task to which he has been assigned. Any who somehow manage to approach him despite the reality-bending nature of his ship and peer beneath his dark hood would find nothing underneath it, the robes merely appearing to be empty. The Ferryman may also not be harmed in any way by any passenger aboard his ship, any attempts only resulting in the offender being teleported to the opposite end of the ship. The only thing that might make the Ferryman abandon his post would be a cataclysmic, universe-ending event.

The Ferryman always was, and always will be, till the end times come. From the very second that life itself was created, so too has he existed, as a way to ferry the dead towards their destined afterlives. Since then, he has carried out his duty silently, diligently, and without complaint, and will continue to do so until the very universe itself has been destroyed. There isn’t really much more to him than that.