The Dwarfhold of Whitehall

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Settlement Name:

The Dwarfhold of Whitehall

Capital Name: Whitehall
Religion: Vykovat, Karmeny,

Gorney, Gandhor


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Artwork from Warhammer
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Early History of Whitehall

As the Drachev arrived on Anoma the Gorney were the first of them to settle down. They made their holes near the feet of the mountains in the north, welcoming their kin with open arms. This is where the expedition of Alrik Alriksson originated. The Karmeny Karlik set out to claim the Gate of Talidur but little did they know, it would be ages before it would open. They set up camp near the river and let their forges run hot with steel as they dug into the flank of the hills to construct houses.

Under Grombrindal

Time passes and Grombrindal sets out to build a private working area for him to smith in peace. With the aid of the members of the expedition they claim the entrance to the intricate network of tunnels below the surface of the earth. As they slew the three-headed drake they had taken the first step that would lead to the creation of the Drachev hold of Whitehall. Shortly after the liberation of the first cave Grom and Grogg, fellow smith and golem, started constructing the fortress where they would smith in the honor of Karmeny. As they took control of the entrance they were joined by Kofrin, engineer and adventurer. From this point in time the hold would slowly grow in wealth and influence as they mined platinum, a material in high demand at the time due to the supernatural-being that roamed Anoma.

As the Drachev numbers dwindle more of their kin find their way to the hold, allowing it to become the main settlement of the Drachev that had arrived on Anoma. The hold grew and underwent many structural changes under the watchful eye of Karmeny and Gandhor. Their dedication was rewarded by multiple boons protecting the hold. Gandhor himself rewarded his followers by reinforcing the hold with iron veins while Karmeny protected it against Demonic influences by making Demons mortal and agitated as they entered the hold.

The hold was known for their excellent crafts with Grom and Grogg running the forges. At this time Thorkjell Haraldsson ran the settlement on the surface as Alrik and his son Daínn departed for unknown reasons. The hold was joined by Gulnir and gemcutter Dathmara Cavesinger, member of the Glubokiy.

The hold and its inhabitants have long lived behind locked gates, hoarding their gold and riches in the caves below. They have collected artifacts for as long as the hold has existed and are known for their stubbornness and healthy self-interest.


As the hold used to be an independent place for craftsmen to work, it was initially led by the Founders. It has never been straightforward to pin down the exact type of government the hold has, given the small number of inhabitants whose day-to-day life requires little management.

Since its creation, Grombrindal and Grogg have led the hold. Grombrindal has taken up the role of Warden, the hold could be seen as an authoritarian community.

Registered Inhabitants and Associates


The Drachev hold is located right at the foot of the Talidurian mountains, next to the original settlement on the surface and the river it is built around. Rockslides are common though they have caused little problems since the Drachev settled there. The parts of the mountains that come crashing down slide down the same slope, right inbetween the town and the path leading to the hold of Whitehall.


The hold itself is built in a natural cave-system running under what is presumed to be the entire valley between the tundra and the mountains. The roots of the mountains allow the fundaments of the hold to be very enduring and rich of ores. Though a great variety of metals and gems can be found, the hold is mostly known to mine for gold and garnet. Within the domain where only Drachev and Honorary-Drachev are allowed one can find a special type of crystal. The crystal in the hold can have a few different colours depending on the conditions they are grown in. They have little use besides jewelry.

Wells and Water-sources

There are various sources of water that can be found in the hold, some that were naturally formed and others that have been constructed by the Drachev themselves. This allows the hold to have two very different types of water, one from the river on the surface and another from the rocky womb they reside in.


Though some interesting materials and plants can be found in the hold, most animals and crops have to be grown in synthetic conditions. Through the use of sunstone and the agricultural techniques their forefathers have used for centuries they were able to grow crops on small patches of land underground. By no means does the hold rely on this foodsource as most of the vegetables they eat come from the town on the surface.

Whitehall is not known for harbouring the best botanists in the world yet they grow mushrooms better than most. Besides the giant mushrooms decorating their cave one can find normal mushrooms and Berserker mushrooms. It is said that the hold also grows a strange type of mushroom though it is hard to tell the difference between this variant and normal mushrooms.


They follow the ways of Karmeny above all though they are devout followers of Gandhor too. They respect Vykovat like all Drachev do and they live in peace with the children of Gorney and Glubokiy. They have altars for all of their deities, including one for the moon dragon. All are free to follow their own deities though it is clear visitors and inhabitants must show respect to the true lords of rock and forge. It is common for the Drachev to sacrifice items of their own creation to Karmeny and materials to Gandhor. It has become a tradition to ironcast foes of their deities, the hold or those who have insulted the Drachev after which they are sacrificed. Sometimes they stay in the hold to remain there in eternal shame.

Deific Blessings

The Drachev have never hidden their devotion to their Deities, actively trying to communicate with them over the course of their lives. The call of one so seemingly insignificant has little chance of calling the attention of their Deity, certainly after the Long Silence.

Situation In Time

In the early years on Anoma Grom and Grogg both dedicated their lives to Karmeny and Gandhor, the patrons of everything they stood for. Finding their way in honoring their deities they adjusted their lives to one of Steel and Stone under the uncrackable crust of the earth. There they lived a life in what they saw as the closest place to Gandhor on Anoma.

It allowed those who lived there to connect with gem and vein, rock and earth. It allowed them to practice their crafts in the light of the forge of Karmeny.

The Blessings

Though their patrons often rewarded their dedication with gifts and trusted them with various Holy quests to prove their devotion the Drachev of Whitehall started focussing on the hold. This led to their deities mainly blessing the hold itself, granting Grom and Grogg the opportunity to provide for their kin.

Blessing of Reinforcement: This blessing of Gandhor grew iron-veins throughout the structure of the entire hold, reinforcing it significantly.






Whitehall's population is composed of mainly Cave Dwarves, children of Karmeny. Other populations include Gorney and Glubioky but only in small numbers.

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