The Chatters

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The Chatters
Disease Type: Bacterial
Hosts: Humans
Severity: 4/10


Rarely contracted from consuming ill-prepared red meats


Not very infectious, can be transferred, rarely, through fluid transfer.

Common Carriers

Only Humans can contract this, seems to be more common among Armusians and Gravicans, who eat more red meat than the sea-going Carribards.


Asymptomatic for several weeks after infection. Starts as a slight soreness of the jaw, moves on after a few weeks to muscle spasms in the jaw, causing the characteristic teeth-chattering the disease is known for. If left untreated for several weeks longer, it spreads to the brain, and begins to trigger apparently random phobias as the muscle spasms spread. These phobias are permanent, even if the body fights the bacteria off. If the host doesn’t fight the infection off, these phobias begin to stack ever higher until the person’s psyche snaps entirely, driving them completely mad and eventually killing them.


Most of the time the host will naturally kick it, or get it treated in the simple fashion of drinking very hot tea. In the ten percent or so of cases where it is completely untreated, it can kill. though.


No known cure. The body either fights it off, in most cases before it spreads to the brain, or you die. Drinking near-scalding hot liquids on a day to day basis reduces the odds it will kill to only .1%, however.