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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Very Common
Primary Use: Paper, Building Material, Furniture, Resin Products
Region: Mountains, Tundras and Temperate Forests


Spruce is a light softwood with good strength and flexibility for it’s light weight. It is not an especially durable wood, and often has to be painted or otherwise protected to ensure its longevity. This wood is common and cheap, making it perfect for signage and shipping crates which are likely to be replaced often.


Spruce is perfectly suited to sawing, planing, and working with all manner of hand tools. It is easy to paint, though staining or otherwise soaking the resinous wood in other substances proves more difficult.

General Use

Spruce is commonly used wherever it can avoid being exposed to the weather. The internal structure of buildings, building interiors, and furniture are all common applications for this wood. The resin of these trees can also be rendered into pitch for use as a fuel for torches and fire starter, or a glue used to construct arrows and waterproof the hulls of ships. Pulped spruce wood also has long fibers, well suited for processing into paper.