Soul Cedar

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Soul Cedar
Rarity: Rare
Color: Very Light Tan
Primary Use: Spiritual Devices


Soul Cedar is a curious sort of wood indeed. It is said that spirits which are trapped on the plane for long enough eventually find themselves drawn into one of these trees, trapped for all time, or at least until the tree is chopped down. When it is chopped, horrific, extremely loud shrieks emanate as the souls within are put through a final agony before they can go to their final rest in Mevvet. Ear plugs are a necessity, as the shrieks are loud enough to rapidly cause hearing damage.


Soul Cedar, apart from the hideous, agonized shrieks it releases when chopped down, is very easy and pliable to work with, being workable by the methods one might apply to any other type of relatively soft wood.

General Use

Soul cedar is most often used in casting implements meant to deal with the dead or necromancy, or in devices meant to contact the dead. It is said that a proper Ouiji board, made of Soul Cedar, will allow one to summon lingering spirits even if the user doesn't know any Truths related to it, if only to communicate. It is also said that lingering spirits can interact with things made of Soul Cedar much more easily.

Weaponry and Armor

Weaponry and armor is basically never made from Soul Cedar, with the exception of arrows. There is a specific Truth of crafting dealing with Soul Cedar when crafting arrows from it which causes the shrieks and screams the wood normally only releases while being cut down to once again emanate from the arrow as it streaks through the air, growing louder as it travels, frequently being almost stunningly loud by the time they arrive. A wave of these arrows is almost always instantly deafening.


There are no Soul Cedar Artifacts on Anoma, perhaps you can change this.