Solar Alemnetry

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Artwork by Unknown
Solar Alemnetry
Rarity(s): Mythical
Location: On the back of Lacerta
Danger Level: Extreme

Primary Author(s): Severus__Snape

"The dishonor on Lacerta shall not be met without justice" - Solar Alementry, after destroying a village.

Though there are stories of Solar Alemnetries from ancient stories, they have not been seen for millennia untold. Supposedly the most destructive footsoldiers of Lacerta, they are supposed to ride atop her massive form, only to drop to Gaia on accident, or if someone has gravely insulted the Proud dragon. Either way, they are a complete disaster for wherever they land, burning with the fury of the sun itself given form. To look on one is to be blinded, to come near is to have your flesh melted away and your bones burned to ash. It is lucky indeed that Covrudurth himself finds these things to be distasteful in the extreme, and will almost immediately mobilize to show up and destroy them. Generally, the days it takes for him to show up, however, are more than enough for the Solar Alemnetry to annihilate entire nations.

Destructive like a raging inferno.

Hot as the sun.