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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Uncommon
Type Of Plant: Grass
Primary Uses: Potions
Region: Cool, wet climates


Sleepwheat is very much like the wheat which it closely resembles, in that it can be made into all sorts of foods and grows in many of the same places, but its effects are markedly different. Eating food made of Sleepwheat causes drowsiness, and many cultures enjoy eating a bit of it before bed to help them sleep easier and more soundly through the night.


Where normal wheat is golden, Sleepwheat is a pale white color which almost glows in the moonlight.


Sleepwheat's flowers are much the same as wheat's, being little strands sprouting from the grains. These, too, are white.

Daylight or Nocturnal Activity

Sleepwheat only grows in the night, or with relatively faint light to grow by.


Sleepwheat is primarily used for food, but alchemists use them to make simple sleeping potions. When combined with sleepgrass, it can make an effective knockout potion.


Sleepwheat must be planted in rather cool, dark areas. As such it is mostly planted and grown in artificial growing areas, such as greenhouses, or underground, where the light can be carefully controlled.

Sleepwheat, where it can be planted, can be planted in very dense fields.

Growth Rate
Sleepwheat grows at about half the rate of regular wheat.