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Disease Type: Viral
Hosts: Drachev
Severity: 9/10


A virus found sometimes in underground streams


Does not appear to transfer except by drinking underground stream water and through being carried in the womb of a host. Eating the flesh of one who dies from the disease can also spread it, though this is almost never done.

Common Carriers

The Karmeny Karlik tend to be extremely hardy, and able to fight off the disease if they encounter it, whereas the Glubokiy, being significantly more physically frail, tend to get it more often.


Asymptomatic for several days, then flulike symptoms and intense, burning pain in the host’s skin for several days before it begins the next stage. After several days of agony, the virus slowly converts the skin into a rough, scaly, agonizing exterior which flakes constantly. Eventually the skin doesn’t replicate fast enough to replace the flaking, and the body becomes bare of skin, leading to a rapid, hideous death. The whole process takes 2 months from infection to death.


Without treatment, this disease will always kill its host.


Scar tissue does not experience this conversion, and the standard Glubokiy cure is a full-body burning to completely cover the host’s body in scar tissue. The virus eventually burns itself out in the host afterward, though generally it takes several months of agony before that happens.