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Artwork by Unknown
Rarity: Uncommon
Color: Gray and Black
Primary Use: Jewelry, Blades, Armor



Silver, a notably uncommon material within the natural world, has been sought after by Gaians since its discovery due to its natural value, and abilities against the supernatural. Formed under the extreme heat of volcanic rock, the material is both difficult to find, and retrieve. Uses of the material have varied through time, originally being extracted solely for the creation of currency, yet recently being expanded to the realm of weaponry and armor.


Smelting and shaping the material itself would prove easier compared to most other commonly used materials due to its relatively low melting point (1763F, 961.8C). The low melting point of the material directly correlates to its softness compared to that of Iron (2800F, 1538C), explaining its focus within specialty crafts rather than everyday use.

General Use


Prior to the widespread use of gold, Silver was one of the dominating forms of currency due to its natural value. Silver was one of the first materials to be minted and used for a form of currency under select nations, transferring people from a society focused on trade to one based on wealth. While still somewhat used today, it has been heavily overtaken by the widespread use of gold.

Supernatural Harm

Unknown as to how some materials became proficient in combating supernatural atrocities, Silver has shown to be capable of dealing damage unseen in regular weaponry. Upon cutting a supernatural atrocity with a Silver weapon, the being would be inflicted with a harsh burning sensation capable of scaring off weaker foes. If the atrocity would be one with regenerative abilities, silver would slow the wound’s regeneration by 25%, taking the wound much longer to fully heal.

Weaponry and Armor

Forging silver into the form of weaponry and armor does pose an advantage against supernatural foes, but does little to hold up against a normally-equipped individual. Compared to Iron, silver is significantly weaker, having a much higher chance of chipping or bending while in use (Tensile Strength of 125MPa, compared to Iron’s 275Mpa). The advantages silver weaponry hold do not carry over to armor, instead being used primarily in acts of ceremony. If used in regular combat, silver armor would easily be punctured, dented, or cracked by sharp and blunt weapons alike.


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