Silken Wind

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Artwork by asweetmagic
Silken Wind
Rarity: Rare
Color: Multicolorful
Primary Use: Bow Strings, Ceremonial Clothing


Silken wind is completely weightless, able to be blown in the wind with ease, and floating oddly in the air any time it's placed, if it is not immediately picked up by the wind. The supremely soft cloth is valued for its extreme springiness and strength, making it perfect for a bow string.


Weaving silken wind together is nigh impossible, requiring a journeyman tailor to work with. It is not suitable for armored use, as it is not supremely durable, like most cloths, however it is extremely highly prized as rope, as it has great tensile strength and weighs nothing.

Use and Effects

Silken wind automatically increases the accuracy of any ranged weapon which uses it, giving a +5 on the roll. It is also highly enchantable for wind effects.


There are no silken wind Artifacts on Anoma, perhaps you can change this.