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Artwork by Stephen Garret Rusk
Domain(s): Order
Symbols: Books, Arches, Tools
Followers: Craftsmen and Bureaucrats
Other Names: Torvald Holdfriend, The Librarian, The Builder

Sequestus is one half of the pair of brother deities the humans claim as their own. The other is Anomalous, the god of chaos, and while his brother is typically depicted as a muscular, untamed man, Sequestus is usually pictured as a large, muscular builder.


Sequestus has influence over many ordered things, helping builders and bookkeepers, and many government and church officials.


Sequestus has tremendous powers of creation and construction, and is said to know all that there is to know of crafting.


Sequestus has a vast array of artifacts left all around the Old World, from when he walked the face of Gaia, performing miracles and bringing wisdom to the scattered humans. These artifacts are mostly seemingly mundane, but have a magical property which makes them extremely useful, and lets people thrive. The most common example is his buckets, simple magical buckets which purify any water placed within. Though seemingly mundane, the small change allowed many a community to flourish and grow significantly larger with much less fear of waterborne disease.


Sequestus is said to have come about at the same time as his brother, in the time before written history, at the dawn of man. While Anomalous was off having adventures throughout Gaia, Sequestus started working to give humans a better civilization. He started by constructing the first cathedral to the Brother Church in Armus, and then began creating kingdoms thereafter, choosing people of good heart to lead wherever he went, and gifting them with an artifact just as he would gift the community with one. These artifacts are still handed down as representative symbols of the right to rule, tens of hundreds of ages later.