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Artwork by JTC Gems
Cut Sapphire
Rarity: Rare
Color: Deep Blue
Primary Use: Air/Wind Enchants


Sapphire is a brilliantly blue, and thoroughly rare precious gemstone. Plenty of people love sapphire solely for its beauty, but the enchantments one can implant into a sapphire are also a significant draw for enchanters.


Generally speaking, when a gem is used for enchantments, it is either embedded into the metal of the weapon while it cools, or crushed into a fine powder and incorporated into the metal itself as it is forged.

General Use

When it isn't being used in mundane jewelry, sapphire is useful for all sorts of enchantments involving moving air and wind. Sapphire-enchanted windmills, for example, never stop turning, while certain magical weather-controlling devices have also been made using it.

Weaponry and Armor

Weaponry imbued with sapphire will typically cause great gusts of wind, while armor so imbued frequently gives their users the ability to move faster, jump higher, and even, on occasion, fly.


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