Sandslash Alemnetry

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Sandslash Alemnetry


Created when the wellspring of a ley line is covered by a dune, Sandslash Alemnetries appears to be a mass of shifting sand in a vaguely bipedal form, standing between two and eight meters tall depending on their age, as the older ones slowly compact their sand first into sandstone, and then into a sort of extremely hard glass over the course of four centuries. An extremely old Sandslash Alemnetry will actually gain sentience, usually after three hundred and fifty years of existence, and these creatures are typically very intelligent, extremely neutral and fair arbiters, causing more than one desert-based civilization to recruit them as judges. The alemnetries themselves tend to be happy with a place to sit still and pass the ages, finding the quarrels that the mortals bring to them to be interesting if nothing else. Though they do not “know” any Truths in this form, they are capable of whipping up sandstorms with a word, using this to their advantage to escape combat, as their forms at the end of their life are very brittle. At the heart of every Sandslash Alemnetry, regardless of age, is a shard of molten glass, which, if disrupted, will instantly destroy the alementry. The younger versions of these things are not intelligent and tend to not be aggressive, but since they carry a small, localized sandstorm with them wherever they walk, they are usually considered a nuisance to be disposed of with haste. Further, they are extremely strong and heavy and tend to simply go over structures if they find them in their paths, so they can be very destructive.

Deserts, Tropics

Usually, unintelligent, walking in some predetermined path until they compact over the centuries into their intelligent form. After that, they tend to seek some safe place to lay down and consider the world. It is theorized by many that there is some later life stage for these creatures as well, perhaps given a few millennia to compress further, or to understand the Truths that they command by rote.

Danger Level
Variable. If you’re not in their path, they’re almost entirely non-threatening. If you must fight one for whatever reason, they are highly dangerous, being very strong and difficult to damage, and simply reconstituting more sand when damage is done until their heart is destroyed. The older, intelligent ones are non-dangerous and will avoid conflict if at all possible, as a single powerful blow can shatter and destroy them.

Extremely strong, surrounded by a vicious sandstorm. Sentient ones can command sandstorms.

When nonsentient, they are completely mindless, though they will defend themselves. The sentient versions, made of glass, are still physically mighty, but very fragile, and typically unwilling to use their strength to its full potential so that they don’t harm themselves.

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