Reinforced Silk

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Artwork by Luxurionworld
Reinforced Silk
Rarity: Uncommon
Color: Any color of silk
Primary Use: Armored Clothing


Reinforced silk is merely a method of making clothing or accessories with strands of metal, usually gold, to make it slightly more durable. If gold is used, it also becomes more able to carry enchantments than regular silk.


Weaving reinforced silk is no more difficult than its normal, unreinforced counterpart.

Use and Effects

Reinforced silk is sometimes used as a status symbol, as one who is able to embroider their clothing with gold must be wealthy indeed, but it is also used to make slightly armored clothing, in addition to clothing which takes to enchantment slightly better than its mundane fellows.


There are no reinforced silk Artifacts on Anoma, perhaps you can change this.