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Artwork by Ilya Bodaykin
A Rehk Bowman
Height: 3’0" - 9’0"
Weight: 45lbs - 500lbs

“...though the late god-emperor Jaribdea was a merciful one, he could not abide by this insult. He martialed his warband to go across the Long Desert, and crush the upstart kingdom of infidels who had the temerity to question his divinity…”

-A History of the Rehk God-Kings and Emperors, Volume 6


The windblown plains, burning dunes, thick jungles, magnificent mountains and plateus of Rehkara have no master, but surely the top of the food chain on that most bestial continent is the Rehk. Their kingdoms and the dynasties which rule over them span the breadth of the huge continent, and such a thing only makes sense. The Rehk-Ur are like Rehkara gave birth to a sentient embodiment of itself, all strength, deadly ferocity and occasional, sometimes hidden transcendent beauty. The histories of the various dynasties of Rehk are too numerous to recount, the shifting politics and kingdoms of Rehkara are too ever-changing and complex to ever have an up to date picture. Suffice it to say that the Rehks have a history of conflict and war, much like that of the other species, but there is not a time in recorded history in which it wasn't this way, nor does it seem likely that there will be a time when it will be peaceful. Fortunately, peace doesn't much suit the Rehks, anyway. When Anoma was discovered, many dynasties and god-kings turned an interested eye over to the new continent, seeing a continent to be conquered, and many Rehks sought passage over, seeing a new place to sell their swords.

The Rehk-Ur and their various subraces tend to get along very well. Rehk-Ug and Rehk-Ur have a sort of symbiotic relationship, where the deformed little creatures get rid of the garbage and refuse of the Rehk-Ur to feed themselves. The Rehk-Ug, on the other hand, find themselves less delusionally paranoid around the Rehk-Ur, who they view as closer to themselves. The Rehk-Ogri come from Rehk-Ur, very rarely, and they are prized as slaves, being used either for hard labor or soldiers. There are, however, some free Rehk-Ogri, though they tend to live with the Rehk-Ur, as other species don't tend to be terribly accepting of them.



The Rehk-Ur are the primary race, while the Rehk-Ug and Rehk-Ogri are mutations. Despite that they're a mutated form of Rehk, the Rehk-Ug outnumber the Rehk-Ur by a good deal due to their fast breeding. The following are the individual pages for the races and subraces.:

  • Rehk-Ur: The standard species from which the others branched. Rehk-Ur worship special members of their species born with, or having earned through glorious deeds, metallic golden markings on their skin. They are very large, up to seven feet tall, they have large horns, wicked claws, and the hooved legs of goats. They usually trim their claws to be able to use tools, but their horns and hooves are generally enough that one ought never consider a Rehk to be unarmed.
  • Rehk-Ug: Little mutant Rehk-Ur, these guys love eating garbage and making explosives, usually also from garbage. Most species consider them to be anything from vermin to be exterminated, to a useful little garbage disposal service with a place in any civilized city. Watch the teeth, they certainly bite.
  • Rehk-Ogri: Rehk-Ogri are a rare mutation of Rehk in which they simply grow to be far larger and stronger. They are generally much less intelligent, but this is more than made up for with their tremendous strength. Very rare examples are as intelligent as a normal Rehk, and there are even tales of God-King Rehk-Ogri from myths and legends. Note that Rehk Ogri can only be played if you submit a Character Application


Anoman Rehk Nations

There are no current Rehk settlements on Anoma. Perhaps you can change this.

Old World Rehk Dynasties

The Kingdom of Xerxes

The Kingdom of Xerxes is a relatively old dynastic kingdom in Rehkara, currently on Xerxes VIII, reputed to be the most wealthy of all Rehk-Ur. Though they are at war with their neighbors in word, in practice they have tenuous peace with them, as they're too worried about retributive campaigns if they were to attack to bother the kingdom of Xerxes, and the current Xerxes is not interested in continuing his conquests in Rehkara. Instead, he wants to claim land on this new continent, and is known to be sending Rehk aboard many of the colony ships to scout the place out, then possibly set up a Rehk colony.

The Rehkaran Freebooters

The Rehkaran Freebooters is an organization which contracts out Rehk, both individuals and groups of them, to various other empires and countries. Recently, the Armusians and other human groups have hired them to find Rehks to join expeditions to Anoma rather than their usual squabbles, and the Freebooters are more than happy to fulfill the need, as they always have. They also do a tidy business purchasing goods without asking any questions, and it is quite likely that any of their ships which show up in the eventual ports of Anoma will gladly continue this practice.