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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Fire
Symbols: -
Followers: -
Other Names: The Vehement Flame, The Elemental Lord of Fire

Ralios is an intimidating being of pure and unbridled fire, roughly shaped into the form of a human. Almost constantly enraged, it is said that the larger Ralios is, the less likely it is to get any sense out of him other than unbridled rage. Though no matter how the Elemental Lord may look when you lay eyes upon him, one description stays true throughout all encounters… show him the purest form of respect possible, or you risk being scorched to ash and cinders.


Ralios has influence over fire, burning unbelievably hot himself, and wielding the flames and heat like a weapon.


Sacrifice to Ralios: Like all elemental deities, Ralios enjoys the sacrifice of animals. Sacrificing animals, the larger the better, and cooking the flesh above an open fire until it's burnt away is a great ritual to attempt to contact Ralios, giving up to a plus three, depending on the size of the animal. Unusual or magical animals can give up to plus ten. They must be slaughtered and butchered, cooked and burnt all specifically for the sake of the deity, from start to finish.
The Ritual of Ralios' Rage: Burning down a building for the deity of burning rage is a fantastic ritual to get Ralios' attention, and counts as a ritual.
The Campfire Ritual: This ritual is a very social one, requiring the one who wants to pray to first gather a group of friends and have a nice fire. The night ought to be spent making merry, cooking food, talking, telling stories, and having a good time. The following day, one can pray to Ralios with this ritual, at plus one per person who attended your campfire.


Ralios has nigh unlimited destructive potential with his fiery magics and abilities.


Ralios does not spend his time creating items, such things are below him.


Within the first few moments of the Elemental’s realization of their forms, Ralios himself was gifted with the power to transfer forth heat and energy in explosive and powerful ways. As such, originally the Flame Lord was almost seen as an eccentric and overjoyous person akin to Aphion. This was especially amplified within the seconds where Ralious found himself faced towards Qhethys. The Elemental being, constrained with some of the deepest and compassionate feelings of Nerisys’ spawn, immediately found himself enthralled to beauty of Qhethys. Able to see through the warm glow of the woman and straight into her heart, the two managed to form a deep friendship quickly. Qhethys blessing herself onto the Lord of Fire, and giving flames the valiant bloom of her Sunshine in order to light up the night using his heat.

Though Qhethys and Ralios’ harmony didn’t last long, for one evening the man laid his eyes on the weeping form of the Light Maiden. The woman had inklings of fear for the first time since they had fully existed, and as a result Ralios was left completely shaken himself. In a way, Qhethys’ boon made him feel the woman’s emotions… and that twinge of despair filled Ralios with a burning vengeance. Boiling over, the man swirled himself into a chaotic and consuming torrent of fire, and flung himself throughout the planes quickly. Having no want but to see the sheer dissolution of the figure who had caused Qhethys her pain, Zyzrasil, the Lord of Shadows.

No longer did Ralios find him luxuriously spoiled to multiple nights simply mulling along nearby the Elemental Woman, for he was stirred into action and thrown into the battlefield by his own willpower. He went and sent as many planes alight as possible, letting the flames of his own guide Qhethys light throughout the world. Uncaring of where, who, what might need to get used to carry along that ideal. Almost killing Gandhor in the process, Vilais was forced to step in and subdue the Flame Elemental. Nearly killing Ralios himself in the process. As such sparked the rivalry between Flame and Water, and the allowing for Zyzrasil to continue with his plans mostly uninterrupted. After that fateful night, Ralios licked his wounds and went straight back into battle. Luckily for him, as long as Qhethys still shines in the world, he finds himself able to continue his manifestation. As long as a single cinder of himself is created by whomever, he can continue his journey to bring down as much as he can and burn Zyzrasil out of existence.