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Artwork by Tupanu
Domain(s): Duality, Creation, Destruction
Symbols: The Split Mask, Volcanoes
Followers: Autumn Elves
Other Names: The Two-Faced God

Primary Author(s): Suxals

Ra'uki is a god of duality. He embodies giving and taking, creation and destruction, the ebb and flow of the tide. The fickle god of the Autumn Elves brings great boons of fertility and luck, as long as he remains placated, but should he be shunned, ruin will surely follow. Autumn Elves pay him great respect and nearly every individual pays regular tribute to keep him appeased.


Ra'uki brings his followers the strength to forge great settlements and bring destruction to their enemies. He influences the fertility of the volcanic slopes the Oe Il'ha inhabit, and the violent eruptions that periodically threaten their settlements.


Ra'uki controls volcanic activities across the world, in addition to the ability to pacify or enrage his followers towards a united cause. He is the prime creator of new land, born from the depths of the ocean, and expanding small islands into archipelagos and even continents.


The most well known artifacts of Ra'Uki are known only by the Steel Elves. It is said that treasures of Ra'uki lay within the magma rivers of the bottom most pits of a burning volcano. Often many Autumn Elves will venture to volcanic islands, scourging across the magma plains in search of possibly finding a trinket... though no others have been found. The only few artifacts said to exist are so intently hidden that their very names are unrecorded to history.


At the dawn of creation, when the Maker extended his influence along the limbs of Etes H'evelm, worlds were mere conjoined masses of minerals melted by the rhythm of Sheyr, ever changing and unpredictable. In this context of constant creation and destruction, Ra'uki was brought into existence, and with him came subtle order. Whether he was made by the Maker's whims or if he was born as a concept is unclear, but in his wake he harnessed the magma of the surface of the world and contained it all within a single point; the core. There, Ra'uki collected the finest of metals and expanded his influence, occasionally letting his molten ichor break through the landscape to create magnificent mounts and fertile land-masses through his destructive means.

As the worlds were further developed by the Maker's chosen, Ra'uki fell into slumber and only dealt with the issues that concerned his domain, however this peace did not last long, and soon after he was tempted by Nerisys, whom through her silky webs trusted him glimpses of another plane, the Primordial Dream. Ra'uki was deceived by the endless possibilities and opened a tear through the chasmic expanse in order to traverse there, however by doing this he cut his ties with Gaia, and once at the other side he was left mostly powerless and unable to return, this led him into the Courts of the Il'ha, where the found asylum among the deep caves of newly birthed Autumnfolk. As the eras came by, Ra'uki helped them to build their civilization and forged their culture, with his own figure at the center of it all. He demanded sacrifices and promoted slavery in order to obtain their inner embers and restore his own power.