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Artwork by Unknown
Domain(s): Light
Symbols: The Sun, Rays
Followers: Some Farmers
Other Names: The Luminescent Light, The Elemental Lord of Light

Qhethys appears as a beautiful, ethereal, woman made of bright energy. Gazing upon her form is as painful as staring into the sun itself.


Qhethys has influence over light, able to bend it and shape it. She is a master of all of the Truths relating to light.


Sacrifice to Qhethys: Like all elemental deities, Qhethys enjoys the sacrifice of animals. Sacrificing animals, the larger the better, and cooking the flesh above an open fire until it's burnt away is a great ritual to attempt to contact Qhethys, giving up to a plus three, depending on the size of the animal. Unusual or magical animals can give up to plus ten. They must be slaughtered and butchered, cooked and burnt all specifically for the sake of the deity, from start to finish.
Prayer of First Morning's Light: This prayer is done to an altar while the sun just starts to peek over the horizon. You are meant to come to a crescendo as the sun's first rays touch you, and the prayer winds down after that. This prayer, done correctly, gives a plus five in rolls to contact a deity.
Prayer of Dark's Banishment: Bringing a light source into an otherwise unlit area, where the light would not naturally find itself, is enough for this ritual. Though this cannot be done at an altar to Qhethys, it can be done in many places off the beaten track, requiring only a holy symbol to Qhethys.


The light of Qhethys is bright and pervasive, cutting through any darkness, and blinding almost any who dare to look upon her.


Qhethys has no artifacts on the material plane, perhaps you may win her favor and change this.


Qhethys was filled with a pure feeling of personal understanding and contentedness from the moment she sprung into existence. Her radiance shined through the darkness, allowing her to find the element whom lovingly served her, Ralios. Her existence was grand, and she reveled in satisfaction as she watched nature first sprout from Gandhor as a result of her self-proclaimed pure blessings. Qhethys was never one to be curious, however as she flew across the elemental planes, she noticed a dark wisp of blackness that not even her rays of light could shine through. Confused, she turned her entire gaze and radiance towards the inky darkness… and breaking through the dark smog, the woman saw a disgusting, slender and grotesque being hiding within its own pitch black shadow.

Later she would realize that this horrible thing she had seen was Zyzrasil, the deific incarnation of darkness, but immediately, her mind was scarred with the first negative, fearful thought to ever pass through her head. This thought quickly ate away at Qhethys’ mind, tainting her natural state of happiness with just a drop of poisonous horror. While it did not cripple the goddess, this sense of negativity became motivation for the woman. She had realized that the only way to reclaim that pure state she had before seeing Zyzrasil, could only be cleansed by purging the world of darkness all together.

After telling her partner Ralios, the fire beast swore to uphold her lady’s honor, and thus would continue to help her in an attempt to cleanse the world of Zyzrasil’s influence.