Primordial Dream

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Artwork by Lioudmila Perry
An elven depiction of Etes H'evelm


Of the two spheres of influence one might draw magic from, the Primordial Dream (also known as The Enigma) is a far more confusing and less circumstantial area than drawing might and power from a God’s will. In turn, we bring this lore piece forward to more properly explain what the Primordial Dream actually is in a simpler, easy to understand section of writing. In it, we will more properly detail the basic rules of casting Enigma Magic - namely the system of exhaustion, “Tearing.”

The Beginning of Etes H'evelm, The World Tree

In the endless silence of the great nothing, came a sound. A sound in which all things were made in the form of a sapling’s triad. Great and terrible spread the boughs of the world tree, Etes H'evelm, nourished from the making and unmaking of all. The infinite nature of the chasm of Va’naqra spilled chaos into the great veins of what was to be. So forth the tree stretched aimless arms, a triplet in existence. For the first birth heralded the beginning of the world forger, connector and ender. From the chasmic nothing, Va’naqra birthed a triad. The serpent Oloris, ravenous of hunger. The arachnid Nerisys, of ceaseless toil, and the Drake Naezeiros from whom the designs of Etes H'evelm sprang forth, the ancient boughs built by Celestials. The serpent Oloris, coiled about the base of the maker’s toil. Seeking endlessly to choke life from the tree of worlds. Seperate from her brother of opposition, the Queen Arachnid spread silk about the boughs. For she sought the endless connections of all worlds. In this there would be a true end, in which all color would spill together in a cacophony of existence that would spell doom, in the end of days.

Lastly, the great Dragon Naezeiros, from whom the loneliness of the worlds emptied, and the unsounded was spoken. The maker of all worlds. Upon whose magnanimous edict, the unsounded murmur of the chasm filled the worlds of his toil. From it, descended his proclamations, binding the world to the rules he had plucked from wisdom of the endless. With his utterance, swirling eddies of energy sprung like dew into the threads of the Laka. The unfounded chaos of timelessness, pouring into the mold of his vision to shape each world. In the endless lattice of the lines of Laka, came the many gods of each aspect of the world. Each tasked to safeguard a fragment of reality.

The new world had begun, governed by subjectless gods of aspects not yet made from ephemeral to tangible, filled with a silence that was not to last. Queen Nerisys the restless spun her webs between realms, filling between the great boughs of Etes H'evelm with glistening threads. Magic dripped like venom from her creation, slipping into each empty world, filling them with her dark promise of the end of the eternal. Seeing his worlds fall victim to this poison, the Maker snapped out his all-embracing wings, and set the Laka alight with shivering power of his own, magic filling each world to the brim, pouring into the empty worlds in the form of flora and crystals. Each creation, composed of a single note of the lyric. Each wave of his effort set the leaves of Etes H’evelm to dance. The sound became a melody.

The Primordial Dream

It is unknown whether the Primordial Dream has been existent since before the sprouting of the World Tree, though what is known is that the Primordial Dream[also referred to as The Enigma] is simply a meta-physical dimension which lays present in between the gaps in the multiple planes. It is the collective consciousness for all who fall unconscious and dream. It is a place not fixed in time, and yet is an infinite expanse which holds together a raw essence and acts as a cycle for how magical energy circles throughout the worlds. Many have attempted to understand this space, scholars and researchers meditating hours upon days of sleep in order to try and document the redundancies and possible intricacies which lie within, these curious philosophers given the token name ‘Dreamers’.

There are three main influences and points within the Primordial Dream, which all work to serve a specific function. The first is coined to the name of the Vestibule, which acts as a vessel for newly deceased consciousnesses to make their way from their specific place in existence, over to Mevvet. Mevvet, being the plane of the dead, recycles these souls into nothing but pure magical energy, before then spreading them throughout the dream. The second point being the Valley of Creation, a condensed melding pot of the thoughts and memories in a consciousness which holds together moments of history and the marks of important and prevalent figures within the endless bounds. It is said that the more prominent a figure was in life, the more influence and self image they have in this Valley. The third, and by far most unearthly of the trio, is The Scar. At the bottom of The World Tree lie the roots, where Oloris lies coiled about, slowly trying to squeeze the life out of all that exists. The Scar is the part of the Primordial Dream which lingers too close to that of the void which something sprouted out of nothing, and as such lies to be a manifestation of fear itself. It is said that the Scar is a corrupted splice within this dream, and some even equate it to the most vile and apocalyptic true source for which forms of chaos have spread.

It is this realm that an Enigma Mage draws forth their strength from. Through their research and effort, they find themselves capable of drawing themselves into a Waking Dream, wherein they are in a trancelike state connected to the Primordial Dream. From here, they draw forth their magic. This takes the place of an on the spot magical connection, allowing an Enigma Mage to cast.



The Pillars of Creation

The Pillars of Creation are the true function that allows a Spellcaster to cast their magic. These ‘Pillars’ exist around Etes H’evelm, The World Tree, granting it shape and function past the Primordial Dream. They are locations where certain types of energy condense themselves, forming beacons of magical essence where an Enigma Mage may forge their connection and draw strength from. An Enigma Mage may only connect to a single Pillar of Creation, able to draw upon the forms of magic it offers and no others.

The ‘Connection’ of an Enigma Mage, each time they cast, is done by reaching forth one’s mind to their chosen Pillar, entering a trancelike state where magical energy flows around the caster, treating their body as a gate to their magic and allowing them to produce spells. The Nine Pillars of Creation are as follows:

  • The Pillar of Forces
    The first of the Nine. This pillar exists to govern the Elements. Those who practice Elementalism (Elemental Magic) control the elements, from earth and fire, water and wind, to even lightning.
  • The Pillar of Primal Energy
    The second of the Nine, governing magical essence in its purest form without proper shape or being. Those who cast Arcane Magic do so often in the form of blasts of energy, dispelling other magics, to so much as creating pocket spaces of their own design.
  • The Pillar of Life and Death
    The third of the Nine, governing control over the Souls of any entities who die, and directing them to their proper afterlife. Those who practice Abyssal Magic control the ability to heal, to revive the dead, or to reverse such effects.
  • The Pillar of Matter
    The fourth of the Nine, governing the creation of the physical aspects of existence. Those who practice Celestial Magic control the ability of creating items, mundane or magical in nature, from arms and armor to jewelry or any such thing of their design.
  • The Pillar of Spirit
    The fifth of the Nine, governing the control of the metaphysical aspects of existence. Those who practice Fae Magic control magic of a whimsical nature, be it the ability to shift in location, alter appearances, etcetera.
  • The Pillar of Consciousness
    The sixth of the Nine, governing aspects of existence such as memory and thought through all beings capable of it. Those who practice Chaos Magic control the ability to view and manipulate thoughts, as well as other forms of mental effects.
  • The Pillar of Fate
    The seventh of the Nine, governing change, chance, and mortality. Often correlated to those that try to defy it, those who practice Demonic Magic can forge contracts with others bound to be upheld, to summoning demons and beasts to do their bidding.
  • The Pillar of Space
    The eighth of the Nine, governing the connection between planes. Those who practice Webbed Magic gain the ability to form portals, from their plane to others, or merely across vast distances.
  • The Pillar of Time
    The final of the Nine, governing the control of time throughout the planes. The Great Dragons are rumored to keep this pillar far from the reach of mortals, though are not always successful; those who practice Draconic Magic gain a limited control of time in their vicinity.

These are the Nine Pillars which govern the laws of the world, upholding it in all aspects of existence. Rumors do exist however, sprouting from time to time, of the existence of a Tenth Pillar - unknown what it governs or what form of magic may sprout from it. The rumors span from the World Serpent using this to coil around the World Tree, to a greater, true God using it to sprout the World Tree and create all that is known.


The Reality of Tearing

Enigma Mages, drawing out from the Primordial Dream, suffer exhaustion through a system known as Tearing. In their magic, every spell has a cost associated with it. A number representing the strain that the spell places upon the wielder. This number is Tearing, and as more is received through the casting of spells, numerous downsides begin to afflict the Spellcaster. These downsides will be marked here, so any who practice any Enigma Magics may know the price of their spells:

Tear | Negative Effect(s)

20 | Ethereal cracks begin to form along the Spellcaster’s body, only in minor amounts.

40 | The cracks upon their body grow, and begin to cause the Spellcaster aching pains everywhere.

60 | The cracks now cover the Spellcaster entirely, with blood beginning to seep from them in places.

80 | The Spellcaster begins to suffer from more rapid blood loss, and will begin to struggle to remain conscious.

>100 | Once bypassing one hundred, the Spellcaster is torn asunder by their act of casting, consumed into the Primordial Dream they tried to wield.

A Spellcaster will have their current level of Tearing lowered by 20 every IRL day. The action of Tearing is explained through the energies present and drawn from the Primordial Dream slowly working to eat away at and corrupt the body of the Enigma Mage. If they bypass the maximum limit and are torn apart by their magic, it should be noted that it is considered a PK due to suicidal actions.


In the Lost Fables Lore, one of the two main sources of Magic is the Primordial Dream, granting power to what are known as “Enigma Mages.” Within this Primordial Dream exists Nine ‘Pillars,’ where energy coalesces and Enigma Mage’s connect to in order to cast their magic. When an Enigma Mage casts, they enter into what is known as the Waking Dream, a trancelike state where they hold a connection to their chosen pillar and can conjure energy from it in the form of magic.