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Artwork by Lugh__
Rarity: Rare
Color: Silver
Primary Use: Monster Hunting, Currency


Platinum is a metal similar to silver, though far rarer than it or gold; Which it is often mistaken for. The metal occurs naturally deep within the ground, often in relatively small deposits. While many metals form under certain conditions, platinum may be found dotted around most of the world. The difficulty in finding the metal is first to spot it and second to distinguish it from silver. A platinum ore will often resemble that of silver with the exception of a somewhat deeper and more illustrious sheen. Like silver it maintains the special effects against the supernatural, often to a more powerful degree.


Platinum is far harder to work with compared to its visual sibling (silver), with a high melting point(3,215F, 1768C). The metal’s hardness can rival that of iron making it suitable for many of the same purposes as iron, should you be able to find enough. While not related to the forging of the metal, after the ore has been processed, purified and often formed into ingots, one can more clearly see it’s prestigious finish.

General Use

Supernatural Harm

Similar to the effects of Silver, Platinum’s supernatural harm is much more severe, capable of dealing extreme amounts of damage to atrocities. When cutting a supernatural being with a Platinum weapon, the atrocity would feel an extreme burning sensation, one capable of stunning some out of pure pain. If an atrocity with regenerative abilities was cut, said abilities would be rendered useless, leaving the gash completely open similar to how a common blade would cut through flesh. Medical treatment would be required to close such a gash.

Weaponry and Armor

Platinum often finds itself used in the crafting of blades. The weaponry and, on occasion, armor crafted from this material pose a greater effectiveness against creatures of a supernatural origin. With a hardness not too far from that of iron, it’s not entirely unlikely for this material to match it in a duel between equally skilled opponents. Unlike with silver, a suit of armor can be fairly effective, as just the touch of it against the supernatural can cause a burning sensation. Nonetheless, with its rarity, suits of armor made from platinum are ordinarily used as a display of wealth.


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