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Authors Note: This section of the wiki is currently unfinished, and likely will be for some time, due to the fact that other lore projects are more pressing. Below is a list of the dimensions, along with a general description, and a link to their wiki page if they have one. Expect this to be updated gradually over time.

The Prime Materia

The main world upon which mortals dwell. Here, magical and deific influences are far less pronounced than on the other planes, making it oftentimes serve as a battleground between various interplanar factions. The second-largest plane, it is only dwarfed in size by Niwaedau, and, since most don't even know that that place exists, it is generally presumed to be the largest. It is also here where the majority of your time on Lost Fables will be spent, and it is the plane that most resembles the earth that we live on.

The Demonic Steppes

Where Demons, the primary doers of inter-planar destruction, live. Blood-red planes under a scorched and smog-filled sky, where fires burn high and the screams of demon's captives, or other demons, are as common as birdsong. A quite literally hellish place, home of all but a select few demonic beings.

The Celestial Conclave

Where Celestials, the primary doers of inter-planar creation, live. Angelic choirs, golden palaces, sunny skies, and clouds replacing the ground are the most prominent features of the conclave. Typically concerned with preserving order and "good," no matter the cost, the Celestials make great allies and even worse enemies. Most, bar a select few, originate from this plane.

The Elements

One of the lesser-visited planes of creation, this one is equaled partitioned between the various elemental lords, and is made of the pure concentrations of each of their elements. For example, the land of Ralios, the fire lord, is nothing but an eternal inferno, making it inhabitable for anything that can not live in an environment that solely consists of fire. Thus, the elements don't often get visitors, due to the fact that for most beings it is impossible to survive there.

The Faerie Wonderland

Faerie Wonderland

The Faerie Wonderland is home to Fey and Near-Fey. The sky is constantly in a state of night, with the moon and stars covering all. This is quite irrelevant, as this is almost always overpowered by the thick bioluminescence, trippy glowing waves of vision-inducing storms, and general magical light that overtakes the floor. It is composed of four regions that represent the seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn each lead by a lord. For example, the Winter Court is ruled by Lord Yrauos - Whisperer of Reflections.


"Where do we go when we die" is a question that, for most, is answered with this dimension. A plane with a troubled past, the previous caretaker of Mevvet was violently overthrown by his underlings, in exchange for the installment of a new leader. Nonetheless, it still, for the most part, continues to satisfy its function, namely the recycling of all the souls that enter its domain.

The Alkestis


While most do ask the question of "Where do we go when we die," they don't often ask "How do we 'get' to where we go when we die." The answer to that is the Alkestis. An inter-planar ship crewed only by the mysterious entity known as The Ferryman, its primary purpose is to collect, and then deliver, the souls of the dead, no matter where they died. How it does this is a mystery, and likely one that will never be answered until the end times.



An inter-planar backdrop, not many know of its existence, let alone how it was created. A plane where things just don't work the same way they work in other parts of the universe, Niwaedu oftentimes defies the laws of physics, creation, and much more to an extent that earns the chaos plane its nickname. Its inhabitants are alien, terrifying, and sometimes reality-breaking, although most are, thankfully, mindless. There are rumors of darker beings that lurk on the plane's edges, although no being, no matter who or what they are, has ever been able to check and then return to tell the world.

The Grand Hoard

Practically an inter-dimensional locker, the Grand Hoard is used by creations' most powerful inhabitants (typically one sort of divine or another) as a place to store things. This could be wealth, trinkets, artifacts, books, tomes, or even the souls of their most devout servants (or, more realistically, the souls of their most powerful and competent servants). This is the place that those individuals who are not sent to Mevvet when they die go, to be kept as a plaything by one god or another, although they typically enjoy a life in paradise when they are not being used.

The Void

The Void is everything in between the planes. Most of it is just dark, inky, empty blackness. There are, however, in its infinite abyss, a variety of some strange creatures, most of which never see much of anything at all. There are also rumors of other, more ancient and terrifying entities, although their existence has yet to be confirmed by anything besides strange, watered-down rumors.