Phase Beast

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Phase Beast


Looking like a large, mottled, bruised hairless grizzly bear, Phase Beasts are formidable creatures indeed. Extremely strong, tough, carnivorous, and fairly clever, Phase Beasts are easily capable of taking on a trained and armed opponent in one-on-one combat through sheer force of their strength, but their ability to phase between planes rapidly allows them to set and spring ambushes with great speed and flexibility, making them easily a match for small adventuring groups. Generally speaking they are not terribly aggressive, merely being territorial, and hunting for the food that they and their young eat. The problem is that they have no qualms in hunting people or their pack animals if they appear to be an easy target, and they have, on occasion, been known to target villages, viewing their livestock and less martially capable townsfolk as being excellent prey. In these situations, the animals must be put down, but mostly people learn to merely avoid the territory of Phase Beasts, with some even offering tribute to the creatures, who will sometimes, in turn, help to defend the village if need be.

Caves, forests.

Territorial, hunter-gatherer

Danger Level
High. Simply avoiding the territory of a Phase Beast will tend to protect you, however.

Massive, and massively strong. Phasing, thick skin.

Somewhat slow, creatures which can see and strike into the primordial dream negate their primary strength almost entirely.